10 Ways To Keep Those Muscles Growing

Everybody wants to know how to increase their muscle mass and build an attractive body. The majority of people nowadays believe that the people who achieve impressive physiques have been given some hidden knowledge about some special workout routine that had given them quick results. Or that they use some special protein powder or some magic pill or supplement. But the reality is that building muscle is hard work which requires dedication and sacrifice. And in order to make the journey to your ideal physique faster, in this article we present to you 10 awesome and simple training tips:

1. You need to shock your muscles

Once you’ve been on a specific training routine for several weeks or months, your muscles tend to adapt to the training stimulus, which ultimately leads to training plateaus. And this is especially true the more advanced lifter you become, in that your muscles adapt more quickly. That’s why in order to elicit continuous muscle response to make them grow, you need to switch routines every once in a while. And the most optimal way to do that is to cycle the movements you use in your workout routine.

It’s also imperative that you use a logical and orderly variation of reps, sets and rest intervals between the sets. This is why training periodization is such a popular concept.  When you constantly combine different training variables in a logical manner, you can continue to build strength and muscle mass. That’s because you’ll consistently push your body to the threshold of overtraining and back off to let it catch up and begin growing again.

2. Keep the workouts short

Some people believe that the more time they spend in the gym, the more muscle they’ll build. But this is entirely wrong. That’s because after 45 minutes have passed the testosterone levels start to decrease while the cortisol levels start to increase. You might ask why this is bad. Testosterone is the muscle building, fat burning hormone. Cortisol, on the other hand, breaks down muscle tissue and increases fat storage, which means increasing cortisol and decreasing testosterone is the least desirable situation when it comes to achieving muscle growth and burning fat.

3. Increase training volume and intensity

In order to be big, you need to introduce high volume and intensity in your training. There have been endless Internet debates about whether one should use more intensity or volume to achieve faster and greater muscle growth. The truth is that a mix of both volume and intensity will give you the best results. In order to elicit optimal muscle response, you’ll need to alternate training cycles of high volume and high intensity.

Training using high volume will push your body and will to the limits and force it to adapt to the stress via the process of hypertrophy, which is the increase in the size of muscle cells coming from the increase of intracellular nutrients. On the other hand, training with high intensity and a low number of reps within the 1-5 range will allow your body to properly recuperate from the high-volume training. Use both training styles to gain new muscle mass and strength.

4. Vary the rest periods between sets

This may sound strange at first, but varying the rest intervals between sets can actually force your body to re-adapt to the training stimulus. If you’ve been resting for 2 or 3 minutes and then switch to 1-minute rest intervals, your strength might suffer at first, but after a while, you’ll see renewed muscle growth from the decreased rest. It’s worth mentioning that a properly planned variation of rest intervals in accordance with proper set and rep routine will provide the best results in terms of muscle strength and mass.

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