How to Get Bigger Arms

If you’re a regular gym enthusiast, you probably want to get your arms as big as possible, or at least up to par. In every gym, the majority of guys is trying to do this but only a few of them ever succeed. Of course, there’s an explanation for it – they are either not eating properly, not supplementing properly or not training properly, with an emphasis on the last one which seems to be the prime reason most of the time. If you want to be one of the few that get huge arms, here are some exercises that you might want to try.

Superset #1 – machine preacher curls with triceps rope extensions

When you combine these two exercises, you achieve antagonism in your muscles. This means that when you do the bicep exercise, blood will flow through the arms, of course – but when you superset that one with a tricep exercise, the results are much more impressive. You will have blood flowing into all of your arm muscles and you will get an incredible pump.

To start, just push an isolation move to get all the gears rolling and the blood flowing towards your arms, but also to get your biceps and triceps working without the interference of other muscles.

To do these exercises, get on the preacher curl machine and keep your back, hips and chest to their respective pads for more balance and a better feel of the machine through the multiple points of contact. Then, curl the weight up and make sure that your shoulders are pulled down and back so that you don’t use them during this exercise.

When you’re at the peak of your curl, twist your wrists to activate the peak of your biceps, and then slowly but steadily put the weight back down. Do a set of this and then switch right to the cable rope extensions. Have your rope attachment set up at eye level beforehand, and push down the weight with your triceps.

Remember to keep your elbows tight to your core all the while doing the movement, but when the contraction reaches its peak, flare your hands outward to achieve the maximum effect on the lower part of the triceps. Return to the top and you’re done with this rep. For best possible results, do six sets of each with 8-12 reps per set. Take up to a minute of rest between the sets.

Superset #2 – barbell curls with close grip bench press

When you’ve done with the isolation movement, and the pump and blood flow are at their peak, all the while synovial fluid is flowing to the joints, it’s time to hit the heavy weights and get the real effects! If you want to make your arms bigger, you will need to stay with the basic principles of bodybuilding, so use compound movements such as the straight bar curls and skull crushers. They might look old-fashioned and boring, but they will make your arms grow like no other exercise.

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