10 Mistakes People Make When Trying to Lose Fat

When starting a diet, usually with fat loss as a goal, the first thing people do is to ‘arm’ themselves with loads of information from the internet. The amount of information is so large that they probably end up confused from all that conflicting advice. Here are some of the most common mistakes that every newbie makes on their path towards the ideal weight.

1. Relying on non-expert quick weight loss tips

You need to do your research and invest in a good diet plan. A good nutritionist will compile a plan that you can follow and monitor. A good nutritionist will answer a thousand questions and give you the right directions. All the money invested will pay off and you will save a lot of time looking for a variety of materials and advice. And remember, there are no quick fat loss programs.

If you are unable to consult a nutritionist, read on:

2. Not counting calories

In this article, we explained the importance of caloric intake. This is the basis, and energy calculation is simple. If you intake less calories than you burn on a daily basis you will lose weight. It is therefore important to monitor calorie intake and reduce it according to your needs. Of course, “clean” foods offer higher nutritional value and improved satiety for fewer calories you eat. Therefore, the recommendation to consume unrefined foods, fresh vegetables and fruits. It is easier to achieve satiety with less food. Which brings us to the following errors …

3. If I choose only healthy foods, will I lose weight ?

All foods contain a certain amount of energy. So even if you only eat clean foods and you eat too much of them, you will not lose weight. Olive oil is an excellent food as a source of healthy fats. Adding a tablespoon of olive oil will enrich your salad and add healthy fat in the body, but add too much of it and you have exceeded your calorie limit. One tablespoon of olive oil has about 119 calories. So remember, do not go overboard with the seasoning and sauces.

4. Healthy snacks between meals

With snacks you are actually cutting the time between meals. While dried fruits can be used after training to refill glycogen reserves, stuffing yourself with dried fruits or nuts will not satisfy hunger completely, and yet it can drastically increase your caloric intake.




5. Cutting off certain foods

Yes, in order to lose fat you do need to cut off some foods, but excessive denial of “bad” foods will only make you crave them more. Instead, treat yourself a cheat meal once in a while, like once a week or so. A common rule of a thumb is: if 90% of your diet consists of good quality food, then 10% of junk food will not ruin your diet. A ball of ice cream here and there or a piece of chocolate after workout will not make you fat, but with these foods you need to be really careful.

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