The Best Strategy to Cut Fat but Keep the Muscle

We all strive to achieve the best of our workouts, and the best simplifies two exact demands which are to lose the targeted fat and build muscle in the same time. In order to accomplish this challenging mission we go though nutrition plans, workout sessions, and we push ourselves to stay on point as much as we can. The thing is that the combination of tactics we use has different and often counter-fighting technique whereas dieting enables fat loss but affects our muscle size as well.

In order to lose fat, we need to reduce the calorie intake we consume or burn more calories than we eat. But dieting has another side-effect besides weight loss and reduced fat, it reduces our muscles as well, especially when we are following extreme nutritional dieting plan.

The best scenario or strategy we need to adopt is the one that enables us to lose fat but maintain are muscle size in the process.  How can we accomplish this?

This particular strategy is based on 3 key factors that define a healthy metabolism. First, the focus in on muscle which depends on energy, pushing your body into an algorithm of need; the more muscle you have the more calories you need to maintain them. Second, is the type of quality of calories you eat; Not all foods are equal in their nutritional value and certain calories contribute to a faster metabolism. And last but not least, the type of exercising you are performing can define your muscle and burn the fat you need.

In order to achieve a state of energy deficit through exercise, instead though diet, you need to monitor your progress carefully. You need to find the right balancing state where you are exactly in the spot where you are not over-challenging yourself in the workout department, and you are not restricting yourself with extreme dieting.

The following guideline will present you some recommendations in order to achieve a healthy balance and successful deficit without strict dieting:

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