Marine Vet Does 5,862 Pull-Ups in a Day, Breaks Record

A Marine vet set a new Guinness World Record pull-up record with the help of a strange yet highly effective training regimen. How did he do it? Read this article to find out!

On November 11, 37-year old Marine Corp veteran Guy Valentino completed a staggering 5,862 pull-ups in 24 hours in an attempt to inspire vets to make a commitment to their health and wellness, while hundreds of them from across the New York City region cheered on him and celebrated the official record-breaking.

This was no small feat for sure – but for a Marine vet whole pulled through 36-hour raids in Iraq, it was a lot more reachable than for most of us. Still, he couldn’t have done it without employing a smart strategy! If you already believe that the most brilliant things are also the simplest, this will delight you.

Namely, Valentino used this two-dimensional approach to ensure that both his body and mind will endure the upcoming task:

  • He did 5 reps every minute.
  • He pretended he was on a mission in Iraq.

By performing 5 reps every minute, he was able to keep his heart rate consistently low, which helped him conserve energy for the long haul. On the other hand, by reframing the near-impossible feat as a Marine mission, he could divide it into more manageable smaller goals, so he imagined reaching a checkpoint with every 1,000 pull-ups, where he was able to resupply fellow Marines with food and ammo. Quitting was not an option because the lives of the other Marines depended on him. This way, Valentino was able to get into the right mindset for success by using the fortitude he had developed during his encounters with real life-or-death situations.

This is a pretty unusual strategy, but it did work for him, and it certainly offers valuable insights that all of us can implement into our approach toward incredibly challenging life goals, be it breaking world records, sculpting a God-like physique or making our first million. Most difficult goals require unconventional game plans in order to be achieved, so thinking outside the box when designing your strategy can be crucial for improving your chances of success. In other words, it’s really important to find a powerful idea that can supply you with unbreakable resilience and keep you going strong even in the face of great adversity.

For Valentino, it was the Marines, and not only the imaginary ones at his checkpoints, but also the real ones at home that are battling PTS, chronic disease and unemployment. When he returned home from Iraq, where his battalion of 600-700 people had lost 16 men to improvised explosive devices, he quickly sunk into depression and stopped taking caring of himself. As he felt useless and unable to fit into his community, his willpower and confidence decreased dramatically and soon enough his health deteriorated and he gained a lot of fat.

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