This Girl Definitely Squats…and She Has an Awkward Way to Prove It

Smart bodybuilders know that the legs are our foundation. About 60% of the whole muscle mass goes to the legs. This is why it makes perfect sense to train, strengthen and build your legs, right. Well, for many bodybuilders training legs is an unfamiliar concept.

The real reason for not training legs is probably the fact that training legs is physically and mentally very hard, and leaves you tired and in pain long after the workout is done. That’s why doing Squats and Deadlifts will build your mental endurance & character like no other exercise.

And when we are at doing squats, this young lady has probably mastered them. Her legs are incredibly thick and strong and she has a way to prove it. Take a look at the video and you’ll see what we mean. Those watermelons didn’t stand a chance.


Build incredible legs with the 20 rep squat routine – “The 20 Rep Squat Routine


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