8 Nutrition Tips For a Simply Shredded Physique

You recently started lifting weights believing that you can get a shredded physique like the pro-bodybuilders and fitness models in the muscle magazines. After a few months of lifting you probably realized that only weight training will not get you to your goal. You probably introduced a little bit of cardio in your routine and that’s great, but the key to a ripped physique is the combination of a good weight lifting routine, cardio training and mostly – the structure of your diet. How you eat can have an enormous impact on how you look. To help you get the simply shredded body we have made a list of the most important nutrition tips:

1. Increase the protein

Bodybuilders consume large quantities of protein to build muscle mass, but high protein diets also promote fat loss in two different ways. First, by eating a high protein diet, the body’s muscle mass is increased, and more muscle mass needs more calories to sustain itself. This means your metabolism will be increased and you’ll be burning more calories just to sustain the muscles. Second, eating more protein will increase satiety and decrease hunger. The researchers from Skidmore College discovered that subjects that ate a high protein diet lost significantly more body fat than those eating a high carb diet.

2. Eat fat to lose fat

Did you know that good fats actually promote fat loss? You may not thought about eating fat when trying to build a shredded body, but scientists discovered that omega 3 fatty acids promote fat loss, decrease inflammation, improve digestion and have a positive effect on the brain functions. Increase the consumption of fats in your diet by introducing fish, nuts, seeds and fish oil supplements to it.

3. Watch out with the carbs

Limit your carbs to two periods of the day : in the morning and right after the workout. Those are the times when your glycogen is depleted and your body needs carbs to replenish the reserves. When choosing carbs try to choose the ones with low glycemic index: brown bread, brown rice, oatmeal and vegetables. These carbohydrates will keep your insulin levels steady and help you get that simply shredded physique. One simple way to cut the extra carbs is to cut all beverages containing sugar and substitute them with water, tea or coffee.

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