Testosterone Boosting Foods

Chances are, in his youth, your great-grandfather had higher T levels simply because the food he ate was more natural and wholesome. So, there is definitely a problem with declining T levels but, luckily, there is also a solution – eat a diet designed to support rather than diminish testosterone levels.

Certain foods have long been considered to have aphrodisiac properties or, in less fancy talk, they make you feel horny. This increase in sex drive comes from increased testosterone levels. Since about forever, foods like oysters have been linked to giving you the horn and there are plenty of other foods that you can eat that will do likewise.

Basically, foods that are linked to increasing testosterone levels contain lots of healthy fats, zinc, essential vitamins and/or block estrogen – the female hormone that is somewhat opposite of testosterone. Making sure you have lots of these foods in your diet will ensure your body has all of the materials it needs to get busy and increase testosterone production.

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So, what foods are linked to increasing your testosterone levels? I’m glad you asked! Here are 33 foods that are linked to boosting your T-levels. Try and include at least a few of them in your daily diet and, after a few weeks, you should start to notice the difference but only if you are adhering to those pesky principles outlined all the way back in paragraph two.

1. Oysters
2. Salmon
3. Pumpkin seeds
4. Squash seeds
5. Dark Chocolate
6. Garlic
7. Sesame Seeds
8. Watermelon seeds
9. Wheat germ
10. Chickpeas
11. Shrimp/prawns
12. Crab
13. Organic Beef
14. Beef Liver
15. Lima beans
16. Egg yolks
17. Mushrooms
18. Turkey
19. Almonds
20. Lobster
21. Spinach
22. Lamb
23. Kidney beans
24. Peanuts
25. Tahini
26. Flax seeds
27. Pork
28. Brewer’s yeast
29. Brown rice
30. Avocado
31. Cabbage
32. Yogurt
33. Brazil nuts

Although some of these foods are a little unusual, and they might not be a feature in your local supermarket, but if they were good enough for your great grand dad they are going to do the job for you too. Remember, if you want to feel like a man, you gotta eat like a man so ditch the Lucky Charms and Pop Tarts and start chowing down on some “real” food.

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