Five Foods You (probably) Didn’t Know Kill Your Testosterone

Testosterone is what separates the men from the boys. This hormone is not only crucial in shaping the male sexual characteristics. It’s also plays a pivotal role in shaping your body by providing the necessary stamina to handle the exhausting workouts. While excessive levels of testosterone can result in uncalled for aggression, low levels of testosterone make you lame, and you lack the energy.

Testosterone is even more important if you’re a bodybuilder. Winning big competitions requires you to always be at the top of your game. It’d be a shame if you let all those hours, days and months of sweating go down the drain, just because you’ve failed to maintain your testosterone levels. Building up a testosterone friendly diet is the best way to keep your testosterone production up. In doing this it’s just as important to know which foods stimulate the testosterone production, as it’s important to know which foods inhibit it.

Probably all of us can pinpoint the major culprits in lowering your testosterone levels. Fast food, soda drinks, refined sugars and soy are the obvious villain. These are the first things that you scratch off the list if you want to be serious in your bodybuilding adventure. Yet, there are others, less obvious rascals that can sneak into your diet and tip the scales of your testosterone levels. We reveal you a list of 5 foods that are testosterone killers in disguise.

1. Graham Crackers

Did you know that the graham crackers started as health food? They were conceived by the Presbyterian minister Sylvester Graham in 1829 as part of his Graham Diet, and were originally made of graham flour. Their main function was to suppress the carnal urges, which according to Reverend Graham were unhealthy and source of many maladies. His theory was that masturbation in children was inspired by eating crackers, and that the sexual appetites could be curbed by eating bland food. However silly this may sound today, it turns out that he was unwittingly right about one thing. His crackers do lower the testosterone levels.

Yet, this is probably due to changing the main ingredient of the modern graham crackers, and switching from graham flour to mainly refined wheat flour, which Reverend Graham opposed. Excess consumption of refined carbohydrates can have disastrous effects on your testosterone levels, and will not only deplete them, but can lead to weight gain.

2. Flax Seed

This might come as a slight surprise. What you’ve probably head is that flax seeds are the mother of all foods when it comes to Omega 3 fatty acids. Although this might be true, what you’ve probably haven’t heard is that flax seeds are natural born testosterone killers.

They are also packed with lignans, a chemical compounds that act like estrogens in the body.  In fact, they have been identified as one of the mightiest sources of natural estrogens, containing 3 times more phytoestrogens than soy. So, if you don’t want to ruin your manly appearance, try getting your Omega 3 fatty acids from some other source, like fish.

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