Four Core Exercises For Killer Abs

If you could trade your well developed biceps or chest for a ripped six pack, would you? I’m sure that everyone who is perusing the goal of getting physically fit and strong, wants a well developed six pack. After all you just can’t look athletic without visible abs. Let me give you an example: Try to imagine a ripped bodybuilder – he has ripped and vascular arms, shoulders, chest – but he has a belly. By default the picture of an athletic body is ruined.

A well developed and strong six pack can really improve your fitness performance, help you develop a good posture, reduce lower back pain and not to mention – enhance your sex appeal. But when it comes to ab workouts, people are doing useless exercises and wasting money on “gadgets” that promise fast results. What you really need to build those abs is a combination of proper exercises and a good nutrition plan.

With the next four exercises and a good nutrition plan, I can guarantee that you’ll build not just ripped and strong abs, but also an athletic and powerful physique.

1. Ab wheel rollouts

The ab wheel is a small and inexpensive device that works the abs much better than the traditional crunch. The rollout is a simple exercise where you push the wheel forward (holding the two handles on each side of the wheel) until your body is fully extended and then you pull the wheel to get back in the starting position.

The beginner rollouts are done in kneeling position. Begin with a flat back and the wheel below your shoulders. Before you start to roll out, straighten your hips and contract your abs to keep your back flat and your hips tucked in. Keep your core tight throughout the movement.


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