What Makes You a Hardgainer

By definition, a hardgainer is a person who has a difficult time putting on muscle mass or gaining strength no matter how hard they train in the gym or how hard they eat. How about this?  Most lifters that believe they are hardgainers just don’t have a handle on their diet, training and recovery. Here are the most likely reasons that make you a hardgainer.

1 Overtraining

This is maybe the most common mistake that bodybuilders make and one that limits them from realizing their full potential. We have been taught that in order to succeed at certain things in life, we have to work long and hard. At weight training, the story is a little different. Well, the “train hard” part is actually true. We have to train hard as far as intensity goes – obviously if you want to get big you need to lift big weights.

The problem starts when we apply the “more is better“ philosophy to weight training. I constantly hear people say –“I don’t want to train too much, I’ll look like those bodybuilders in the bodybuilding magazines, I’ll be huge” or “If you want to look like those guys from the magazines you have to work out every day, even two times a day”.

The logic sounds just right – if you want to be perfect at something, you need more practice. If you gained 3 pounds this month doing 3 workouts and 6 sets a week, then you should gain 6 pounds by training 6 days and doing 12 sets. In reality this philosophy is not true. The only thing the extra training will do to you is burn you out and frustrate you with diminished returns.

Your main goal should be becoming stronger on the big lifts, not to see how many sets you can do or how long you can stay in the gym.

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