The Convergent Phase Training

Do you ever go into the gym and wish that each and every workout you performed was different but was still designed to take you quickly and effectively towards your fitness goal? Do you find you get bored after repeating the same workout more than a few times in a row? Do you want a workout that develops strength, muscular size and conditioning while stripping body fat like a blow torch? Yes? You need Convergent Phase Training!

Long term workout programs are normally designed using a linear periodization model which in simple terms means you spend a length of time on one style of training before moving on to something different. On completion of a number of phases performed back to back, you start right back at the beginning and repeat the process. For example:

1. 8 weeks muscular endurance
2. 8 weeks hypertrophy (muscle size)
3. 8 weeks strength
4. 8 weeks power
5. 2 weeks easy recovery/Deload
6. Repeat sequence from beginning

While this linear model works and can create quite a high peak of fitness and strength, it does tend to mean that fitness components developed earlier in the training phases are lost as you near the end of the plan. This is okay if you are peaking for a specific competition period or event but for those of us who want to be all-round fit all the time, this approach may not be ideal.
Luckily, there is an alternative.


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