The Ultimate Guide to Protein Supplements


Beef proteins are released in the bloodstream at a slower rate, and their biological value is 80. Although they are not available at the market as protein powder, they are available in form of beef liver capsules, which provide you with all the benefits of beef proteins. These proteins are rich in iron and vitamin B complex, factors that contribute to improved utilization of nutrients and energy production.


Several studies have revealed that soy proteins have positive effects on the health of both of men and women. It has also been proven that they can reduce the risk of many diseases, including the hormonal ones (breast cancer, prostate cancer, etc.) The primary health benefit of soy protein consumption is reduction of cholesterol levels, and alleviating the menopause symptoms (because it contains phytoestrogens).  They also help in osteoporosis treatment, because they stimulate the growth of bone mass.

Because of this, experts recommend that women should consume one meal of soy proteins. However, when it comes to muscle growth, soy proteins are not sufficient (their BV value is 49). These proteins are rich in BCAA amino acids, and can be optimally utilized in combination with protein with higher BV.


After the introduction of different types of protein found in the protein supplements, we will overview several different types of protein supplements available at the market.


Most of these shakes available at the market have a high content of calories consisting of carbohydrates and 30-40 g. of proteins (per dose). The protein in them may be whey protein (mostly concentrates, with not as many isolates) and/or other sources of protein, such as milk and eggs. These products also have a high percentage of carbohydrates: usually maltodextrin (glycaemic carbohydrate) and fructose (simple fruit sugar).

Weight gainers were extremely popular in the 90’s, but their demand gradually diminished, because the metabolism of most people is not as fast as the metabolism of professional athletes or bodybuilders. The diet with high amounts of carbohydrates was resulting in increased obesity instead of increased muscle mass.

However, for the bodybuilders, which have less than 10% of body fat, these beverages are useful and provide high quality calories, necessary for quality muscle gain in the off-season.


It would be best to drink these shakes in the mid morning, or as an after-training meal, because the carbohydrates are released quickly. You can mix the weight gainer powders with fruit juice or skimmed milk. If you want to increase calories, you should not shy away from linseed and fruits.


These shakes contain substantially fewer calories. They are not as rich in carbohydrates as the weigh gainers. When it comes to protein, most of these shakes contain whey protein, yet there are other formulas available at the market consisting of whey and milk protein mixture.

The usual carbohydrate component is maltodextrin (25-27 g. per meal), yet the new generation formula contains slow-releasing carbohydrates, such as the brown rice and rye, in order to reduce the glycemic index. New formulas also have additions of essential fatty acids, vitamins and mineral. Although these products do not contain enough calories for the bodybuilders, they can be of use if supplemented with other ingredients, such as fruit, skimmed milk, essential fatty acids, thus increasing their caloric value.

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