How to Get Stronger and Build More Muscle in 3 Months

Change the gym (if need be!)

It’s a proven fact that it is very hard to maintain motivation and keep pushing yourself in the gym if the gym is packed with underachievers and no one to look up to and compete. Even though this may not seem to be true at first, the fact is that the environment in which you train is a big factor to your muscle and strength building efforts.

The ideal place to train in is a gym where you are not the biggest and strongest person, especially where you aren’t even in the top 10. Like any athlete who gets into a competition with much better athletes, you will stay motivated and have the will to beat them, once you are no longer the biggest fish in the pond. And chances are you will learn some new tips and tricks too.

Get in tune with your body and learn to train intuitively

Hopping on one training program to the next very often is never a good thing, however once things begin to go stale you should consider trying out a different program and this could prove to be a real game-changer. There will invariably be days when you won’t feel like training and up to the task at hand. You may feel some joint pain, some muscle soreness, general lack of motivation or simply a lack of energy to be able to train in the most optimal mental and physical state.

Hey, it happens to the ultimate pros in the world, so it will most definitely happen to you too. Trying to bypass your own physiology because someone told you that you should never skip leg day is plain stupid and you aren’t proving anything to anyone. If you are in this for the long haul, keep going slow and steady and don’t try to act all hardcore to other people. Err on the side of caution and slow down.

Prioritize pulling over pushing

If you schedule your pulling exercises or pulling workout sessions before your pushing exercises or sessions, you will experience much more effective pushing sessions. The logic behind this is that the soreness in your muscles induced by the pulling will put a limit on the range of motion and the flexibility of the muscles around the scapulae which is actually a good thing.

This will create tightness in your upper back region which will add stability to the shoulder capsule and will create a basis for a stronger and free of pain pressing. Almost everyone who has followed this advice has experienced an improvement in their pressing performance.


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