How to Get Stronger and Build More Muscle in 3 Months

Start doing more eccentrics

Slowing down the tempo of execution and getting additional time under tension during the negative part of the movement is an excellent method of mastering the exercise and make a much lighter weight excruciatingly difficult. Type II/b muscle fibers are your strongest fibers and they are the most activated ones when executing the eccentric (negative) part of the exercise and one of the reason why everyone can handle more weight while lowering it than lifting it.

You can take advantage of this fact by increasing the TUT (time under tension) of the eccentric phase of the exercise. You shouldn’t care as much about the weight being used as you should care about the effect it will have on building muscle and creating neuromuscular adaptations. We guarantee you will get a lot of benefits from this type of training.

Hire a personal trainer

It should come as no surprise that hiring a professional personal trainer to monitor your exercise programming, observe and fix your execution form, give recommendations and motivation when needed can be a real game-changer when it comes to your success in the gym. A good coach is also a good observant and will know exactly when to slow things down as he gradually learns about your body’s capacity for physical and mental exertion and the limits to which it can go.

Change the time of the day you train

There are pros and cons to working out at any particular time of the day. Working out after work or late in the evening can about lack of energy and exhaustion, while training in the morning can pose a significant risk to your central nervous system and spine when they are not functioning at their optimal rate. For both of these cases, a change could be made and it can be something that would benefit the body greatly, particularly when you’ve been training at that time of the day for a prolonged period of time. Trying to do a two rep max deadlift early in the morning can feel extremely different than trying to do it after lunch.

You should always warm up properly

Regardless of you level of physical preparedness or how powerful you feel on any given day, you should always start your warm up for a big compound movement with the empty bar in your hands, “greasing the groove” of the movement. Put simply, the warm up session’s aim is to better prepare you for the heavier loads ahead and start from scratch at every workout, so that the body can quickly re-learn the movement pattern. This goes double for those who are already lifting heavy loads relative to their bodyweight.

It will take you a lot longer to warm up before starting out with the working sets of the day if you want to be free of injuries. That is one of the hard truths about what it takes to get a beat a big personal record. Get the body warmed up in a proper manner and resist the urge to skip this important training phase.

Find yourself a good training partner

If you have been training alone so far and haven’t had a training partner, you are sadly missing out on many benefits of actually having one. Deciding to train with someone, let alone choosing who to train could be as essential as any of the aforementioned advice. A good training partner should be able to spot you, should be knowledgeable about training, should be able to train smart and provide a good influence regarding training.

If you’ve had the luck to train with someone who has more experience than you, chances are you going in the right direction. It is very easy to get distracted by various things that may slow your progress and having someone who is more focused on training than you are is an excellent training partner to choose.


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