12 Reasons You Should Start Lifting Weights Right Away

6. It will improve your mood


Every form of exercising will almost certainly elevate your mood and will do miracles for your overall mental health. Research has shown a correlation between strength training and decreased symptoms of depression and anxiety, and notably increased self-esteem. Research has also shown that it may even improve brainpower.


7. It will make you look better when wearing jeans


This point on the list doesn’t necessarily mean that we suggest you start weightlifting or any kind of exercise with the goal of only improving your appearance. There are simply lots of other benefits you should neglect. For those that want to lose weight, spending hours on end on the treadmill will only prove to be a futile attempt at achieving the result they are after.

Strength training, on the other hand, will help you build more muscle, which in turn will help you lose fat in a more effective manner instead of simply doing a cardio workout. So, the solution is simple, if losing weight is your goal, start strength training. Nutrition is the another part of the equation. Pay attention to your diet and the muscles will soon start to show themselves.

8. It helps you burn more calories


The very fact of you having more muscle mass in your body, helps it expend the extra calories you consumed, even when you aren’t exercising. That’s because muscles are a tissue that needs a lot of calories even when it is not active, solely to be sustained at the current level.


9. It is not time-consuming

Many people think that lifting weights would take up too much of their free time. Strength training doesn’t have to consume too much time of your day. Sometimes all it takes is just half an hour per day. Lifting weights and exercising are one of the rare areas in life where more doesn’t necessarily mean better.


10. You don’t need a gym to do it

Even though we are talking about lifting weights, the strength training world has a lot more options to offer besides training in the gym. Almost anything can be used as weights. Old school bodybuilders used to make custom dumbbells and barbells out of scrap metal or anything they find in their backyard. You can also use your body as the only weight you will lift. You can lift weights in the comfort of your own home, by buying a pair of dumbbells and looking at an exercise video on your DVD.

Beginners should actually start training with their bodyweight if they are just starting out with strength training until they perfect their form. What’s more, using machines at first may not be wise because they can limit the range of motion of people with various body measurements.

11. It makes you run faster


And ride a bike and swim longer and get better at any physical activity you can think of. You might wonder why. That’s because you will have built stronger muscles that are capable of doing all the arduous tasks you set for them. Strength training can also help in the prevention of injuries in various athletic disciplines, by the way of fixing imbalances in the muscles, which if left unchecked can seriously affect your standing or sitting body posture in the long run.

12. It improves your heart health


Even though cardio exercises have the same name, it is not the only type of exercising with cardiovascular benefits. A strength training regimen has been proven to decrease blood pressure, to the same extent as if taking drugs. The American Heart Association suggests that adults should strive to train with weights at least twice weekly.



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