7 Ways in Which Exercise Can Improve Your Relationship

4. It increases the feeling of well-being

This point can be tied with the first point “Exercising diminishes stress”. If you exercise on a regular basis, you start filling your body with chemicals called endorphins which will make you a lot more cheerful and a pleasant company for others. It goes without saying that nobody wants to be around someone who is always complaining or feeling blue.

If you start spreading positive vibes around you, you will draw your partner like a magnet and will induce a desire in him or her to get some of the energy you are emanating. Not to mention, you will prevent numerous illnesses, which will diminish the chances of you coughing and sneezing around your partner making it less likely for him or her to get sick.


5. You will fight a lot less with your partner

Fighting is inevitable even in the most harmonious relationships, even over the minute and meaningless details, but you can take care of the majority of these issues by trying out some new training routine or getting on the treadmill for 15 minutes. In fact, let this be a challenge of sorts to you. The next time you think a fight is approaching, without much hesitation, go straight to the gym and exhaust yourself with a good training session.

We can assure you that once you are done, when you go back home you will approach the issue in a lot more diplomatic manner, even going over the issue altogether. It is important to mention that this goes for anyone you deem close in your life. For example, the next time you wish to yell at someone, go for a quick jog before doing it and see if you will still be able to do it in the same capacity.


6. You will not be as available as before

It is a simple fact that when you are training in the gym, you are not present at home and you don’t see your partner. It is an oft-repeated phrase that absence makes your heart grow fonder and it turns out it is completely true. When you are exercising you miss your partner’s calls and you respond to him or her a lot less often. This will make you a bigger challenge to your partner, simply by the fact you are busy at the moment.  Never underestimate how valuable it is to be busy or be perceived as busy.


7. Increasing jealousy in your partner (in a good way)

Having healthy doses of jealousy does every relationship well. We are not talking about fear of losing someone or being paranoid which is not healthy at all. We are talking about the fact that when you go to the gym to train, your partner will naturally assume that you are surrounded by some of the best looking people of the opposite sex and that you might get a glimpse of them once in a while.

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Your partner’s mind will inevitably start to compare himself or herself with those other people, which will trigger the insecurity in them enough to appreciate you more once you go back home. Considering all the facts that we’ve listed, we can safely assume that exercising is a vital part of every relationship.

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