Last Longer in Bed! Sex Experts Tell You How

Ending it too early is something all men like to avoid. Here are eight secrets for longer sex revealed by top sexologists.

Probably no guy in the world likes to finish first in the bedroom. According to sex experts (and common sense to that matter) premature ejaculation is one of the greatest downers for men. However this problem is not insoluble.  There are many different ways to prolong your sexual activity, avoiding the embarrassment.

All guys use some technique to postpone ejaculation. Some think about football, some do maths in their heads. But, according to sex expert A.L. Harper, this approach is not advisable. “These distraction techniques can result in making them worse in bed because they aren’t paying attention to their partner’s pleasure,” says Harper.

If you want to learn the real tactics of lasting longer and avoid killing the mood both for you and your sex partner, check out these tips offered by top sex experts. They will prolong your experience without the use of pharmaceuticals.



#1. Read Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra offers a technique for delaying ejaculation which relies on training yourself to last longer. You start with slow strokes, one in/out movement every three seconds. Then you continue by increasing the tempo during the next 4 to 5 minutes, until you move with one stroke per second. If you feel that the ejaculation is on its way, you should stop, holding yourself inside your partner until you regain control. After you’re back in control, start the process again.

#2. Free Your Mind And the Body Will Follow

According to sex coach Dr. Patti Britton, nothing kills an erection faster than worrying about your performance in bed. “Shift your thinking to a more confident inner voice, as opposed to a worried voice,” says she. According to her, lack of confidence can shut down your sexual apparatus. “When you begin to feel anxiety, the strategy is to stop, take a breath, and then focus on how things feel in the body. Stay out of your head and get into your body —focus on the feelings that your body is producing for you.”

#3. Take it Slow

Rushing it is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your sex play, according to Catherine Toyooka the founder of Catherine Coaches sex workshops. She advises that “…instead of the fast-paced jack-hammering style that many men are so fond of, try taking your time.” Slowing down the pace of your sexual intercourse allows the partners to create better connection. “It’s more sensual because you are caressing and exploring the rest of her body. Kiss her neck, nuzzle her ear, let your hands gently explore her body,” she says. Slowing down will also help you last longer. Relax and enjoy yourself.

#4. Exercise your PC Muscles

Dr. Britton advices that you exercise the pubococcygeus muscle. This muscle is found in both sexes and stretches from the pubic bone to the tail bone. The best way to learn how to squeeze and contract this muscle is by stopping your urine while you pee. Once you learn it, you can do this exercise anywhere and anytime. Try doing at least three sets with 15 reps daily.  “Daily PC muscle reps help a guy to literally pump himself up. Squeezing those muscles triggers good blood flow to the penis, which in turn leads to mental confidence,” she says.

#5. The 7 and 9 Method

This tactic is similar to the Kama Sutra method mentioned above. It’s called Seven and Nine as it involves doing seven fast in and out strokes, after which you do nine slow strokes, and repeat. According to Harper, this is one of the best methods for prolonging your experience, and women adore it. “This rhythm is good for guys who don’t last quite as long as their partner needs, and good for the ladies as it establishes a good rhythm for her stimulation too,” she says.

#6. Alternate Between Deep and Shallow Thrust

Catherine Toyooka warns that continued deep thrust can result in fast orgasms. If this is the case for you, Toyooka advices to ” …try penetrating only the lower portion of her vagina—in other words, take more shallow thrusts.” Alternating between thrusts is not only a technique for prolonging the ejaculation, but it also improves the experience, making it more fun.

#7. Penile Squeeze

Our last method, recommended by Dr. Britton, is the squeeze technique. By applying pressure or squeezing three areas of your penis, you can make your erection harder and maintain it longer. The first technique involves making a tight ring with your fingers at the base of your penis while it’s erected.  This simulates a penile ring and prevents the blood to flow of your penis, maintaining the erection. The second technique involves applying pressure under the head of your penis, which is densely packed with nerves. The third pressure point is the perineum. This spot is located between the anus and the base of your testicles. Pressing this spot that feels like a nose tip, helps congesting the semen flow, thus preventing the early ejaculation.


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