Learn How to Control Food Cravings

Eat low calorie – high fiber foods

It’s always a better option to eat low glycemic and high fiber foods, such as fruits and vegetables, when you feel a craving instead of eating junk food. These foods are great for satisfaction when you crave the physical feeling of fullness.

Eat some nuts

A good idea is to eat a handful of nuts, almonds, sunflower or pumpkin seeds when you start feeling a craving. Because the are high in fiber, healthy fats and protein – they will stop the feeling of hunger for sure.


Too much stress is known to be a huge trigger for cravings. learning to deal with stress can save you from eating hundreds of extra calories a day. I suggest you learn some relaxation technique to deal with excessive stress levels.

Take a nap

Fatigue itself represents a great form of stress to the body. Deal with it by taking a nap and sufficient sleep every night.

Define a cheat day

Eating your favorite junk food is OK once in a while. Eating junk food will keep you happy and satisfied, so you can eat clean after this cheat day. Remember It’s OK to eat a chocolate now and then, but not a whole pack of chocolates and not every couple of days.

Sometimes cravings occur because of a lack of certain nutrients. Here is a list of what you can eat when you feel hungry for specific foods.

When you crave for:

* Sweets and sugars you may need

magnesium which you can get by eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds or legumes.
Chromium – you can get it by eating chicken, broccoli, cheese, grapes.
Carbon – fruits and vegetables.
Phosphorus – chicken, eggs, red meat, grains, nuts.
Sulphur – cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli.
Tryptophan – liver, cheese, sweet potato, spinach.

* Complex carbs like pasta

Nitrogen – high protein foods like meats, eggs, fish.

* Fatty foods

Calcium – dairy – milk, cheese, yogurt.
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