Does Masturbation Affect Muscle Building and Testosterone

We should also take into consideration some other studies focusing on testosterone levels and muscle growth and which show that only a significant rise in testosterone levels can have material impact on muscle growth. One of them, conducted at the Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science, have measured that in order to see any consistent and noticeable change of the muscle mass, the testosterone levels need to increase by at least 30%. Minor increase of the testosterone levels that doesn’t take it outside its normal range will have no effect on your muscle growth.

So, what can we deduce from all these studies? Does masturbation really affects muscle building? No, not really.

As minor, short-term changes in testosterone levels don’t have any effect in your muscle growth, if you want to see some results, you should increase them significantly and try to maintain them high. However, this might be dangerous because it can be accomplished only by taking s******s or by high testosterone booster. If you are still determined to try them out, make sure that they really work.

On the other hand, you should probably have to be more careful when it comes to maintaining the zinc levels. Zinc is crucial in regulating the testosterone levels, and we have already mentioned that frequent ejaculti*n can lead to zinc deficiency. However, before having any impact on your actual muscle growth the zinc levels should really plummet. Still, if you are ejacul*ting more frequently you might consider taking a zinc supplement or consuming foods that have high concentration of zinc.

So all things considered, masturbating cannot and will not have any negative impact on your testosterone levels. However, there is something else out there that is much more dangerous for your testosterone. That is stress and worrying.

If you are still unconvinced that stress can really hurt your testosterone levels, just take a look around you and you’ll see that many individuals that are constantly exposed to stress exhibit characteristics of people with low testosterone levels. They are overweight, have problems sleeping, etc. This is also confirmed by many studies which show that high stress doesn’t only lowers your testosterone levels, but also exposes you to many other diseases and symptoms they can bring on.

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So try to relax, and stop worrying about such trivialities as whether masturbation is bad for you. It definitely isn’t.

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