This is What You Need to Know About Liquid Calories


The macronutrient ratio of any liquid will, for the most part, determine how the calories in it will be digested. The majority of beverages get their calories from carbs(sugars). Some of the sugar is natural and some of it processed, but without fiber content, both will be digested very fast which will increase the blood sugar while at the same time do nothing to decrease your hunger. Whole solid foods typically contain fiber which makes them more satiating and will greatly slow down the digestion which will not cause insulin spikes and fluctuating energy levels.

Benefits to muscle hypertrophy

There are certainly benefits to consuming liquid calories. In order to achieve muscle hypertrophy, a high-calorie diet is an absolute imperative. Beginners who are just starting out with fitness or bodybuilding usually have no clue as to how much calories they need to consume and often have difficulty consuming the recommended amount of food.

Liquid calories are very helpful in this situation because it helps them meet the caloric requirements without becoming full which would save them the discomfort in their stomach if they ate a large meal. Some of the best sources of liquid calories for achieving optimal muscle hypertrophy are liquid meal supplements, yogurt and of course, protein shakes. The post-workout shake is very important and convenient as it is easily ingested, absorbed and transported in comparison to eating whole foods after your workout. It is very efficient at increasing protein synthesis and counteracting the effects of muscle catabolism.

One study had participants go through an MRI scan that would measure their right thigh muscle volume after consuming a beverage rich in protein. The participants were resistance training for five consecutive days, and biopsies were taken every one, three and six hours post exercise. The biopsies have shown increased myofibrillar protein synthesis in the time interval between the first and sixth hour. Not to mention that the muscle size has increased.


It’s very simple and straightforward. It all depends on your goals. Liquid calories can be either your best friend or your worst enemy. If you are very diligent about your diet and still cannot make progress when it comes to improving your body composition, the first thing you should do is eliminate any drink or beverage that is not water, tea, black coffee or a whey protein shake.

On the other hand, if you are struggling to gain muscle and you find it incredibly hard to ingest all the calories that you need on a daily basis, then liquid calories will most definitely help you gain lean muscle mass and sculpt an attractive body.

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