10 Reasons to Drink More Water

7. Water reduces your chances of a heart attack. People who drink more than five glasses of water per day have a whopping 41% drop in the likeliness of having a heart attack in comparison to those who only have less than two glasses per day. Don’t get too excited though – this only counts for water so put away your coffee, milk, alcohol, juice or tea. They might actually make you more likely do get a heart attack.

8. In a study conducted by Michaud and coworkers over a 10 year period and including over 48,000 men, it was concluded that having a high turnover of fluids decreases the likelihood of urinary bladder cancer. 20% of the guys in this study drank 2.5 liters of water per day and 20% drank 1.2 liters or less, while the other 60% were in the middle. The results clearly demonstrated that with every extra 240ml glass of water per day, the risk of bladder cancer drops by 7%.

9. When you don’t drink enough water, your cells still have to get it from somewhere. They do this by pulling water inside them from the bloodstream. When this happens, your heart is automatically weaker because your blood loses its liquidity and thickens over time, which means your body will prioritize and draw water away from areas that aren’t absolutely vital to the functioning of your body. Because of this, you can be dehydrated even before getting the feeling of dehydration, which means that your kidneys will take a big hit. The kidneys have a role in the purification of your blood and getting toxins out of your body and they will not be able to do their job if you don’t give them enough water to work with.

10. Your body needs water more than anything else. Up to 75% of your body is water and it is absolutely vital in the function of all of your organs. It regulates your organs and body’s temperature, it breaks down solids and it moves all of the nutrients around your body. If you keep hydrated, you also lower your risk of chronic pains like rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, colitis and lower back pain, but it also helps with your blood pressure and cholesterol.

If you want to know if your water intake is adequate, just look at the color of your urine. Under optimal conditions, your urine should have a light yellow color. If it’s any darker than that, drink more water. Drink whenever you feel thirsty and make sure you get at least eight glasses per day. When it’s hotter outside or you’re doing physically demanding exercises, you might even need ten or more glasses. Just listen to your body and your digestion, blood circulation, temperature control and the look of your skin will improve. Water is by far the most essential thing you need to consume, but nobody has managed to pinpoint exactly how much we need, so keep your intake at eight cups or more.

Drinks such as coffee, tea and sodas need to be kept in check because some of their effects might contradict the effect that water has on your body. This means that the sugar and the caffeine will reduce the hydration effects, making you need more water in order to keep functioning. If you’re not hydrated enough, sooner or later you will develop illnesses and health threats that could have been easily avoided by simply drinking more regular water. When trying to replace your bodily fluids, always go for water instead of anything else. In fact, if you’ve read this entire article all the way through here, you’re probably thirsty. Drink some water!

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