10 Gym Pet Peeves That Every Bodybuilder Can Relate To, Especially Number 5

6. The people who leave their weights all around


If you can lift it, you can put it away! It’s not your private gym, so clean up after yourself. Nobody deserves having to spend fifteen minutes on sorting out someone else’s weights. Show some basic courtesy and leave things like they were before you used them, including re-racking your damn weights.

7. The banging of dumbbells on the floor as hard as possible

Every lifter drops the dumbbells on the floor now and then. It can be safer to just drop them instead of slowly putting them down, especially when you’re doing 100’s or above. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should simply bang them on the ground with all the power you’ve got, like it’s the only way to finish such a glorious set. There are cases of freaks with zero impulse control who have bent dumbbells by slamming them on a floor that’s actually designed for dropping weights on!

8. The people wearing way too expensive and inappropriate clothes


Where’s the logic of wearing really nice and expensive clothes in the gym? You will only end up drowning them in your salty sweat, looking really ridiculous. If you are an endorsed athlete, good for you. If you are very rich, there are much smarter ways to enjoy your lifestyle. And if you are simply flaunting just to get laid, you’ve come to the wrong place my friend.

9. The useless person who annoys everyone else

annoying guy

Besides the stalker guy, with every gym comes the guy who goes there only to talk to the people who train, usually sitting on equipment and blocking the way for someone else. He almost never trains, and if he ever does it, it’ll be extremely sloppy and uncommitted. This fellow goes to the gym to socialize – usually wasting the time of people who actually came there to work out.

10. The attention wh***esattention

Yes, this behavior is not strictly limited to the ladies, but they outnumber the men by 9 to 1. Here are these women who come to the gym dressed in the tightest shorts possible, wearing trainer bras in neon colors and heavy make-up, just to strut around, make selfies and bask in male attention. Sure, they may give you the impression that they want to have s*x with you, but all they really want is the attention. They get a kick out of testing their attraction power, and that’s about it. Steer clear of these obnoxious creatures.

There are many other things that deserve to be on this list, but i think this is already a fair portrayal of the common pests and annoyances of a standard gym. The message is loud and clear: don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you. In other words, when you hit the gym, have some respect for other people’s personal space, time and sense organs. Some basic human courtesy will save you a lot of trouble.

Are you familiar with any of the situations described? Feel free to comment and share your own stories about annoying gym behavior!

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