5 Indicators That You Aren’t Training Hard Enough

3. You distract yourself with entertainment

You might be thinking this will help you pass the time when riding the stationary bike or the treadmill. The truth is you cannot focus on your training when you focus your attention elsewhere. And not only watching TV. The same goes for checking your Facebook or Instagram, reading e-mail or flipping through a magazine. It’s almost impossible to maintain proper training intensity when you’re doing any of these activities.

The simplest way to fix this is to perform the majority of your training sessions without being distracted by all the entertainment around. And the best way to do this is to put some headphones with some uplifting music and start smashing the weights.

4. You don’t sweat at all

If you find yourself completely dry after finishing your workout and hardly broken a sweat, even if you were training outdoors in cold weather, it’s likely you haven’t trained hard enough. Even though it’s a fact that some individuals sweat a lot more than others, you’re supposed to be sweating at least a little if you are working out, even at a moderate intensity.

You should always strive to perform the exercises with a proper form and some lighter weights at first, but don’t be afraid to boost the training intensity and break some sweat.

5. You feel like you’ve accomplished nothing

When it comes to resistance training you should always be critical of every training session. Always evaluate what you did right and what you did wrong. It is OK if you adjust the weights to your training experience level and even train with lighter weights when you think something is too heavy, but there’s no reason whatsoever to slack on your training.

If you feel you haven’t challenged yourself enough, you may leave the gym feeling frustrated and disappointed that you didn’t push yourself more.

The way to know this for sure is if the training feels at least slightly challenging, but not that hard that you can’t finish the workout session. In the end, when you leave the gym, you should be experiencing the “workout high”.

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