8 Most Annoying People in the Gym

#5. The s*****d rookies

This is not about the mythical ‘roid rage’, or the behavior of experienced s*****d users who actually act quite normal and considerate. We’re talking about guys who’ve recently started using s******s and now they walk around like they own the g*****n gym. S******s have this ability to magically transform regular guys into first-class douchebags who want to show off their newly acquired superhuman powers by attempting ridiculous lifts or simply by strutting around surrounded by a cloud of self-importance and giving everybody the “I rock, you suck” look. The good news is that most of the s*****d rookies are guys who won’t last long in the gym since they’re relying only on drugs and are not willing to learn a thing about proper form and dieting.

#6. The clueless CrossFitters

Pretty much all CrossFitters act according to their favorite motto “our warm up is your workout”, which makes them some of the most obnoxious people around in general. In the gym, they frequently block other folks’ equipment by lifting for endless reps between two benches or doing burpees in front of the dumbbell rack. Their routines are designed for a CrossFit box, which makes them inadequate in terms of a busy public gym, and their attitude worsens the problem even further. And you know how they say – CrossFit would be very cool if it wasn’t for all the CrossFitters. When they prevent you from having a decent workout, try to politely inform them about their recklessness.

#7.  The overzealous circuit fans

Sharing the same space with other people means that you have to set some limits for your routine, especially if your busy schedule allows you to visit the gym only during the most crowded hours. Struggling to perform a six-station circuit is not only difficult for you, it’s very annoying to other people who are impatiently waiting to use the same equipment. For everybody’s sake, perform your circuits when the gym is half-empty or adjust your program to occupy less stations at the same time. And if you absolutely must do circuits, encourage people to slip in and use pieces of the equipment you’ve taken. It’s called thoughtfulness.

#8. The creeps

Now these folks have a special place in the pantheon of obnoxious gym characters. They could be just awkward guys with lousy social skills or guys who stand in front of you and creepily observe every movement you make for as long as you can tolerate them. And some are real sexual predators that will do their best to trouble every girl who walks into the gym by taking cell phone pics of them working out, constantly flashing their assets in their face or following them around with nasty pick-up lines. The solution is simple. If someone bothers you personally, turn them in to management and let them handle it. If they fail to straighten out the situation, threaten to cancel your membership and encourage all other sufferers to do the same.

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