14 Things I Learned from One Year of Lifting and Keto

6) It’s Harder Than I Thought

I stalled. I had plateaus. I lost weight much slower than I thought I should. I had to force myself to get to the gym some days. But remember, also…

7) It’s Easier Than I Thought

My cravings went away and I learned to love the gym. I also marveled at how quickly my “newbie gainz” skyrocketed. That motivated me to keep going.

8) I Lost My Taste for Junk Food

I thought I loved junk food. The longer I’ve eaten healthy and worked out the more bogged down I feel by crappy eating. A similar thing happened to me with alcohol. The memory of my hangovers got stronger the older I got and now when I think about drinking I start to feel the hangover before I even start. The same thing is happening with bad food. I start to feel sick and tired when I look at it. It’s like the finale of West World taught us: there can be no change without memory. It also taught us not to “f around” with robots….but that’s another topic for my 2020 list.

9) It Became One Of The Most Important Parts of My Life

I didn’t realize how necessary working out and eating right would become to me. I need it like I once needed bong rips and all night breakfast diners. It’s become a part of how I function at my best.

10) You Can Never Have Enough Butter

My wife always asks if we need one or two butters when we’re at the store. We always need four. Always. All year. We’ve never not needed four packs of Kerrygold, Salted, Grass Fed Butter a week. Four is the number of butters we use in a week. We’ve tested this for 52 weeks in a row and we always, 100% of the time, need four. We get two.


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