14 Things I Learned from One Year of Lifting and Keto

11) I Became Frugal

Eating keto can be costly. I picked up tricks here and there to slow the cash hemorrhage. Beef cubed for stew is often cheaper than full on steaks but seasoned right is just like little steak morsels. A lot of grocery stores sell bacon ends which is mainly all fat, smells just like bacon and is cheaper. Keto win-win. You’ll find your own tricks, too.

12) I Was Sad I Didn’t Start Sooner

Like everything cool I’ve ever done, I’m really sad I didn’t start seriously lifting and doing keto sooner. I can’t get bogged down with regret but I am kicking myself. Especially because I love it.

13) My Wife Loves It

It’s undeniable that being attractive is more attractive than being unattractive. You know what? I think that covers it.

14) I Got Better At Everything I Do

Everything I do, from writing to stand up to illustration has gotten better this year. I can’t help but think that being in the best shape of my life (even though I’m still tubby) has a lot to do with my increased performance. It makes sense when you think about it. I do stand up with my body, I write with my brain, I draw with my hands, all of this stuff has been positively affected by lifting and keto.

Why wouldn’t I have gotten better at it all? It’s not like my brain was squatting in some run down Craigslist one bedroom, half bath garden apartment temporarily. It lived there. When I moved my brain to a better neighborhood it started working harder. It might have let me down on that metaphor, though.

That’s what I learned from a year of sticking to lifting, eating right and staying on top of my fitness. I hope it inspires you to stay on your path to fitness or if you haven’t started already, I hope it gives you some useful tricks and excuses to start now. Here’s to 2016. We miss you, Harambe. Always.

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About the author: Andrew DeWitt is a stand-up comic, writer, illustrator and dad living in Los Angeles. Andrew won the TruTV Development award at the New York Television Festival for his comedy docuseries, Mike and Andrew Try to Lose Some Weight. He’s written for E-How, Broscience Life, Geekster Ink, Sky Does Gaming, hosts the Andrew DeWitt Show podcast, a former voice actor for Action Figure Therapy and has appeared multiple times on The Jimmy Kimmel Show as a sketch actor.

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