9 Shocking Cases of S*****d (and Synthol) Abuse

1. The female bodybuilder whose habit of taking drugs has given her a male part and lots of hair all over her body

For a large part of the bodybuilding community, using anabolic s******s has simply become a part of their life. But, the side effects are often quite severe and can cause drastic and disturbing facial and body transformations. Such is the case of the 18-year old Candice Armstrong from London, who has been using s******s for so long that she has gradually turned into a man.


Once being a slim, pretty blonde, she is now a huge brunette with shredded muscles and hair coming out from her chest, back and she is even growing a mustache. Along with the ample amount of body hair and lots of acne, her c******s has enlarged so much, that looks like a small p***s. The breasts have also changed their look and hang on her overdeveloped chest muscles. She said that she hadn’t intended on becoming so big when she first started taking s******s. Now, she thinks it’s already too late to stop and might as well continue using them.

2. The pro wrestler who murdered his entire family because of the effects of anabolic s******s


Christopher Michael Benoit was a professional wrestler from Canada described by the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) as the most popular among his fans for his incredible stamina and ability to wrestle. He held the title of world champion twice. Both of these world champion titles represented by the Big Gold Belt. He won the World Heavyweight Championship in 2004.

It seems, however, that not everything was running smoothly in Benoit’s life. On the 22nd of June, he murdered his wife Nancy and his 7-year old son Daniel. Afterwards, on the 24th of June, 2007. he committed suicide in his weight room when he used a weight lifting machine to break his own. On June 25th, 2007, the police entered his home on a “welfare check” after concern arose because of several missed appointments. The police officers then discovered the bodies of his wife and son and Benoit.

The toxicology reports which were released a month later revealed that at the time of her death, Nancy had 3 different drugs in her body, which were all found to be at a therapeutic dose, instead of reaching toxic levels. His son Daniel, had Xanax in his system, which led the medical examiners to conclude that the young boy was sedated before his father strangled him. Benoit was also found to have Xanax, hydrocodone and increased testosterone levels which was caused by an exogenous synthetic form of the hormone.

The chief medical examiner concluded that this was due to Benoit being treated for testosterone deficiency which was caused by previous anabolic s*****d abuse or testicular insufficiency.

After this horrific tragedy, former wrestler Christopher Nowinski got in contact with Benoit’s father, who told him that all those years of severe trauma to his son’s head may have caused his actions. Tests were done on Benoit’s brain by the head of neurosurgery at West Virginia University, Julian Bailes, and the results were that his brain had been so severely damaged that it looked like the brain of an 80-year-olf Alzheimer’s patient.

It was also shown that he started suffering from an advanced form of dementia, a situation similar to the one found in brains of four retired NFL players who had experienced several concussions, then suffered from depression and started harming others or themselves. Bailes and his colleagues have concluded that repeated head traumas can quite possibly lead to dementia, which can, in turn, cause severe behavioral issues.

3. The guy from Brazil whose arm literally ruptured because he injected them with synthol


According to Brazilian news, a man from Maceió, Brazil, who had his arms swelled up to 90 cm because of Synthol injections, suffered a rupture in his muscle after being in a motorcycle accident. He died shortly afterward in the hospital.

4. Gynecomastia


Ronnie Coleman is an American pro bodybuilder holding 8 consecutive wins as Mr. Olympia. In addition to his Mr. Olympia titles, he also holds the record for the biggest number of wins as an IFBB professional with 26. He broke the previous record held by Vince Taylor with 22 wins in Moscow on the 5th of November, 2004.

As with all other professional bodybuilders, because of the use of exogenous testosterone, while preparing for bodybuilding competitions, he has suffered from gynecomastia, which is the enlargement of the breast tissue beneath the nipples, causing them to swell up.


5. The case of Andreas Münzer who achieved insanely low body fat percentage which cost him his life


Münzer was a professional bodybuilder from Austria famous around the world for his extremely low body fat percentage. He was a great admirer of his fellow countryman bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger, who he obsessively tried to imitate. When competing, Andreas used a great variety of bodybuilding supplements like anabolic s******s, human growth hormone, diuretics, insulin, even large quantities of potassium-sparing diuretics which made the process of shedding fat a lot quicker.

But, as with everything in life, if you’re willing to pay the price to get where you want to be, you must also accept the consequences. After experiencing intense pains in his stomach for several days after his final competition, the 1996 San Jose Invitational, Münzer was admitted to a hospital in March 1996. The doctors decided to do a surgery to stop the bleeding from the stomach, however shortly afterward the liver and then the kidneys stopped working. Münzer’s condition was already too severe by this time for a blood transfusion and he passed away on the morning of March 14, 1996, while being only 31.

The autopsy concluded that the cause of death was dystrophic multiple organ failure. The main findings of the autopsy were: an extreme amount of muscle mass, with almost no subcutaneous fat underneath the skin, numerous tumors the size of table tennis balls inside the liver, in fact half of the liver was simply a crumbly mass, akin to polystyrene (Styrofoam), small testes, cardiac hypertrophy, which means his heart weighed around 640 grams, whilst an average man’s heart is around 300-350 grams. His electrolytes were totally out of balance and the levels of potassium were very high. Also, traces of around 20 different drugs were discovered in his system, along with acute toxicity which was probably caused by some stimulant he used.

6. The bodybuilder that got an abscess in his arm


Greg Valentino has become an Internet sensation all over the world for possessing the biggest pair of biceps in the world and because of his disproportionate body due to the excessive use of s******s. His malformed body has made him an instant YouTube sensation, drawing the attention of the entire bodybuilding community as well as the general public. He has made lots of TV appearances and people have been stunned of not only how huge his arms are, but by his abnormal overall look as well. But, this reputation of having the biggest biceps has also caused him to be one of the most hated men in the bodybuilding community.

He appeared on the TLC channel, where it was shown how one of his arms had become infected after he got hit by a broken bat at a little league game he was coaching. So, instead of going to the hospital to have the infection removed and the area sanitized like any normal person would do, he decided to do the operation himself and do it while filming. After he cut his arms several times whilst trying to remove all the puss and blood that had accumulated in his arm, Valentino had to immediately be rushed to the hospital. After everything was finished, he allowed the taped operation go public.

7. The Canadian writer who intentionally took s******s to help him write his new novel


In just sixteen weeks, Canadian novelist Craig Davidson made an incredible body transformation and became a muscular hulk by injecting anabolic s******s into his system. As expected, the side effects of his s*****d cycle quickly started to manifest. Only three days into his cycle, the nipples got big to the size of the top of a milk bottle and upon touch felt like the skin of a balloon. The skin had swollen so much that the nipples started to look like newly developing breasts of a girl in puberty. Then, one morning he began noticing he was losing his hair. The hair on his arms, legs, head and even the pubic hair started to fall off. Several more days later, he noticed his testicles had shrunk, and then in a few days more he noticed they had shrunk to half their original size.

After his 6th injection, he could feel a bubble of oil as big as an onion an inch under the skin. When he touched it, it started wobbling under his fingers. Additionally, the prostate had become very swollen, which made taking a pee a difficult task.

However, he said all of this was eventually worth it since it made him a 235-lbs man, all in a matter of weeks. After finishing his cycle, he immediately began to notice how his body started to come back to normal. He no longer felt sluggish and experienced only mild pain in his joints. His testicles came back to their original size. However, he was left with two wrinkly bags hanging from his chest and his belly looked like a deflated balloon riddled with stretch marks. His legs also got back to their original skinny size and they looked like toothpicks.

Davidson then went to see the doctor. He was diagnosed with a partially herniated disc in the lower spine, which was the result of an accumulation of pressure because of the extra body weight or bad body posture, an enlarged prostate, and accumulation of fluid in his left knee, which was again because of the extra weight. His blood tests showed his liver values were completely out of balance. Whilst on the s*****d cycle, he weighed around 240 lbs, now he weighs 180 lbs.

8. Ferrets loaded with s******s in order to make them look like dogs


In Argentina, “La Salada” is its biggest bazaar, which represents a collection of informal workers, entrepreneurs, and distributors, some of whom are cunning enough to dupe people into buying dogs, which are actually ferrets for as much as 150 US dollars. According to an Argentinian TV newscast, one tourist was duped by the incredibly low price for a “pedigree dog” and bought two “poodles” at the market for 150 bucks each. The man wasn’t aware that he had been conned until he took his new pets to the vet for a routine check-up. The thing the vet told him was truly shocking: he had actually bought two ferrets which had been injected with s******s since birth and carefully groomed to look more fluffy.
Usually, little toy poodle puppies reach a price of up to 1000$ in the US, while a ferret would usually cost someone around 75$. No legal action has been taken so far towards the ending of this bizarre practice. Tourists are shamelessly scammed, not to mention what a lifetime of s******s could do to the health of these poor little creatures.

9. The use of s******s in “super cows”. Could it be real?


The so-called Super cow or the Belgian Blue is a special breed of cows originating from Belgium famous for its ripped, muscular appearance, which is known as “double-muscling”. The double-muscling phenotype is a condition that is inheritable and results in an increased amount of muscle fibers or hyperplasia, as opposed to the normal process of enlargement of individual fibers or hypertrophy.

These special cows, which some might think have been injected with s******s all their lives, have actually acquired this peculiar phenotype through many years of careful genetic selection. With the help of natural selection, farmers are able to inseminate the cows artificially with specifically selected sperm from the biggest and strongest bulls. That’s how each new generation of cows also becomes bigger and stronger with double the muscle mass, which results in leaner beef.

This condition was first documented by a livestock farmer George Culley in 1807. This peculiar cow was first bred in central/upper Belgium in the 19th century by crossing several local breeds with a Shorthorn breed from the UK. The modern breed was developed by Professor Hanset in the 50s, who was working at a center for artificial insemination in Liege province.

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