The Best Jobs For Bodybuilders


Either way, you can make it work by preparing bottles with shakes and bulk batches of food for quick meals in a small convenient cooler and taking it to work. And if your gym is located close enough, you could work out in the mornings before going to work or even during the lunch breaks. There is usually a solution to every problem – look around and find it!


2. A physically-demanding job

Many manual labor jobs can be a great addition to bodybuilding – they keep you active and could actually boost your muscle mass gains. Physical labor develops strength and could even be a solid form of conditioning. The work hours are usually strict so you won’t have a lot of trouble to adjust the other activities around them.

The downside? Intense and constant physical labor combined with regular workouts at the gym can be too hard on the body and it means that you’ll need to incorporate a lot of extra calories in your current diet – and you already require a big amount of calorie intake. And a possible lack of rest can be detrimental to the recovery of muscle tissue, making it harder to make gains. But if you’re able to adjust your meals and get enough rest, you can make it work and even speed up your progress.


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