Are We Living In a Steroid Epidemic?

Athletes in any competitive sport will always be eager to use any possible advantage they can get their hands on – most often in the form of s******s. While the drive to win can be rather fierce and it’s true that steroid usage can get you to the top faster than anything else, performance-enhancing drugs can also have fatal side effects, including heart problems, liver abnormalities and tumors, drug dependence, impotence and infertility.

S******s are synthetic variations of the male s*x hormone testosterone and are mainly used to increase muscle, decrease fat and enhance athletic performance. They also help athletes recover from a strenuous workout more quickly. But they work so well that their usage is considered to create an unfair advantage for those who take them, so most sport organizations condemn and punish performance-enhancing drugs. Yet, there are those who claim that steroid use is a justifiable way to achieve certain bodybuilding goals.

Either way, this trend is becoming increasingly popular among the amateurs as well. Many bodybuilders who want to step up their game decide to take s******s, although obtaining them can be rather difficult – in the US, s******s are illegal without having a prescription, so users have to either find local dealers or sneak their way into a testosterone replacement therapy program. Of course, no one talks openly about this and the use and misuse of s******s remains a taboo subject in the fitness society.

In Australia, s******s have become the drug of choice for many young people and the number of national steroid seizures and arrests has risen to record highs in the last few years, while a large part of the s******s are being made locally. As it turns out, it’s ridiculously easy for Australians to legally obtain s******s from their local doctors. The video below explains how the people from down under cheat the system in the pursuit for enhanced performance:

Regardless of your personal opinion about this issue, substance abuse is a fast-growing global problem, linked to a great number of health risks, that needs to be addressed by creating adequate policies. Illegally obtaining performance-enhancing drugs of an unknown origin can be a rather dangerous venture, and stronger laws push users deeper into the black market. Let’s face it, people won’t stop using s******s anytime soon. In fact, their popularity seems to grow with each passing year. So what is the best way to handle this situation? Decriminalizing s******s and making their use safer can sound great, but will this increase the number of users and potential health dangers?

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