The Most Common Fat Loss Mistakes People Make and How to Fix Them

Too much cardio

Another common mistake. The first thing that comes up in most people’s minds when trying to lose weight is hopping on the treadmill and run to exhaustion. It’s common to see people who did absolutely no cardio at all during the winter to doing cardio sessions lasting more than an hour, all in the hopes of getting shredded for summer, which, as we said earlier, will inevitably lead to loss of muscle.

Research has shown that if you do cardio too frequently, the longer their duration and the lower their intensity becomes, which will increasingly interfere with your muscle and strength building efforts.

What you should do instead is keep cardio sessions to a minimum and focus on progressing in losing the pounds one by one. Cardio exercise is just a tool in your fitness arsenal that will help you create a slight calorie deficit and should never be the sole focus of your training regimen.

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Relying too much on supplements

Not a single supplement you take will make up for any inconsistency in your training or dietary habits, which is the basis of any good weight-loss plan. Their name says it. Supplements are here to supplement your diet not comprise the bulk of it. They should be used to supplement a workout and diet plan that are already on solid foundations. Even the most effective supplements that have been proven to work won’t be a deciding factor in your progress or compensate for a poor diet.

Instead, get your nutrition dialed in, follow a good workout plan and add some cardio and you will start seeing results soon enough.

Being inconsistent

As we already said, everyone’s used to seeing immediate results. That’s why when modern people don’t see any noticeable results as fast as they’d want which is usually within a few days, they get easily discouraged and frustrated. This leads to small cracks in their dietary habits and before you know it they’ve given up on their nutrition and training altogether. Being inconsistent will slow down your progress over time which eventually leads most people to totally abandon their goals of getting shredded.

You need to learn to be patient. Losing fat is a slow process, as well as building muscle. In order to elicit long-term body transformation, you need time. Focus on being consistent with your training and nutrition and you will start seeing results.

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