From Protein to Coffee and Dark Chocolate, Research Uncovers The Best Metabolism Boosters

Another study was done where two groups of adult participants were compared. The first group ate moderate amounts of chocolate and the second skipped it altogether. The first group turned out slimmer and leaner, despite eating a lot more calories in general and doing the same volume of training. So the next time you go to the marker to get some dark chocolate, check its label and ensure that it contains a minimum of 70% cocoa.

Apart from dark chocolate, sesame seeds, eggs, whey protein smoothies, peanuts, yellow bell peppers and drinking large quantities of water have been proven to be effective in increasing weight loss. For the more impatient, research is coming up every day proving the fasting can be a beneficial strategy too.

Studies including diets where participants fasted on alternate days have shown that, even though many people believe that dieters actually eat more when they are told they could eat anything they want on the days off, they actually ate around 10% more, which is not that much. It was concluded that people lost around 10-30lbs in a duration of 8 weeks. Additionally, it was shown that fasting has other benefits besides getting rid of the excess fat, like reducing the levels of bad cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglycerides.

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This doesn’t necessarily mean that fasting is supposed to be utilized as a general method to achieve weight loss. A certain percentage of people cannot endure the process and can be counterproductive. There have been some issues in regards to fasting and women, one of them being that fasting on alternate days can cause problems with their metabolism and lower the tolerance to glucose. Despite all of this, the ones who have experienced great results keep praising it.

Some people have trouble losing weight and they do it extremely slowly, unlike some with more effective metabolisms. They try every type of diet with minimal results, even with experienced nutritionists advising them. That’s why intermittent fasting has been proven to be a very effective strategy for them. They can stuff their mouths with whatever foods they enjoy and then limit their caloric intake to around 500 calories the next day.

It is usually advised for those people on intermittent fasting that they still keep their protein intake high so as to keep the metabolism revved up on their feasting days and limit their carb intake on their fasting days.

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