25 Foods That Will Help You Burn off the Extra Fat

8. Apples & pears

These two fruits also have high content of water in them. Don’t peel them, eat the peels too to get some additional fiber, which will keep you satiated longer. When it comes to choosing between whole fruits and juice, always choose whole fruits. That way you’ll consume more fiber and you’ll have to chew it. Chewing it will make you burn more calories, in comparison to quickly drinking a juice or a smoothie.


9. Raisins & grapes

As an example, let’s compare a quarter cup of raisins with two cups of grapes. Each of these choices has slightly over a hundred calories, however, chances are you’ll feel fuller when eating the grapes. Raisins and other types of dried fruit can be very beneficial but they should only be eaten occasionally, like a handful of raisins or cranberries in a salad of your choosing.

10. Berries

Like many other fruits, berries have a high fiber and water content, which will satiate you for longer periods. They are also the perfect substitute for various sweets as they have moderate amounts of sugar which will satisfy your sweet tooth only for a small fraction of the calories. The most common type are blueberries which can be found in most markets and are incredibly nutritious.


11. Raw veggies

Raw veggies can be a refreshing and tasty snack. They’ll satisfy your desire to crunch on something, they are filled with water which will keep you full and they have a low amount of calories. ½ cup of celery has only eight calories. You can add some peanut butter or you can dip some carrots in a tasty salsa. When you get the cravings for some chips and some dip with it, you can substitute them with raw vegetables.

12. Sweet potatoes

When you bake an ordinary potato the usual toppings include sour cream, butter, cheese or bacon. However, if you bake a sweet potato instead, there’s a chance you won’t want to add anything. They are filled with sweetness and are very rich in flavor. This will enable you to fill up a lot quicker without having to consume additional calories. Additionally, they have a high content of beta-carotene, potassium, fiber and vitamin C.


13. Eggs

Eggs have seventy-five calories, six grams of protein with many more essential micronutrients. As with any high-protein food, the body will burn off more calories when digesting protein than a breakfast filled with carbs. If your cholesterol levels are high, you might want to consult with your doctor first if you can consume eggs. The healthier alternative is to eat egg whites, which have no cholesterol.


14. Coffee

Coffee is the most commonly drank beverage in the world is a great tool in your weight-loss arsenal since it speeds up the metabolic rate, which helps you lose weight faster. Although it has a stimulating effect on the metabolism, adding toppings with additional calories can derail you weight loss goals.


15. Oatmeal

Oatmeal possesses three characteristics which make it excellent for weight loss. It’s made up of whole grain oats that are rich in fiber, a big amount of water and it is hot. This is a very satiating combo. Since it’s hot, it’ll take you longer to eat it and the water and the fiber will also keep you filled for a longer period of time. You shouldn’t put too much sugar in it, though. Adding some nutmeg or cinnamon will satisfy your sweet tooth without adding too much sugar.


16. Crispbreads

Crackers made of whole grain rye, known as crispbreads serve as a substitute to ordinary crackers. They are low in fat and high in fiber. Studies have shown that the people that substitute processed grains with whole grains are less prone to gaining fat around their stomach. Whole grains have a higher amount of various nutrients. This isn’t only for crackers. Whole grain cereals, bread, and pastas can provide you with the same benefits.

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