25 Foods That Will Help You Burn off the Extra Fat

17. Soup

If we’re being more specific, we mean a broth-based soup, not a creamy one. It’s almost entirely made up of water, it keeps you full with minimum calories. Plus, it’s hot, so you can’t eat a lot and do it fast. It’s recommended that you eat it before any meal, thus taking up space in the stomach which could’ve been filled with dense foods with lots of calories. You can turn into a low-calorie, satiating meal by adding some pieces of fish or chicken, diced veggies or beans.


18. Any type of green salad

Another clever way to make yourself full before a meal is eating a salad. Lettuce comes to mind first, which has a high content of water and will fill you up fast. This will leave no room for denser foods which you might eat afterward. Be creative and experiment with all sorts of veggies and fruits. But be careful with the dressing. It can add a big amount of unwanted calories.


19. Vinegar

Always add some vinegar and oil to your salad. It will make your salad a lot tastier and satisfying. It even has fewer calories in comparison to dressings you can buy from the market.

20. Nuts

Nuts serve as an excellent snack in between meals to satisfy your cravings. They have a high content of protein, healthy fats and fiber. Research has shown that consuming nuts can help in weight loss and normalize your cholesterol levels when they’re eaten in moderate amounts. They are packed with calories, so watch out for the portions. If you need to get them out of the shell, you’ll eat them more slowly and not as much.


21. Popcorn

You may have heard that popcorn has a lot of fat, but air-popped popcorn doesn’t have a lot of calories. All that air just adds them volume and no sugar or fat.


22. Skimmed milk

Skimmed milk has a lot of protein, vitamin D and calcium in it with a reduced or no fat content in comparison to whole-fat milk. Despite it being fat-free, it will help you feel satiated. As with any high-protein drink, it digests more slowly and leaves the system a lot slower.


23. Lean meat

We already know by now that eating protein will keep you satiated for a longer period of time and because of its thermogenic effect your body will burn more calories while digesting it. However, we should choose our protein sources wisely. Dark meat can have high-fat content, which can neutralize its benefits. Fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders’ preferred choice is skinless chicken breast. Some lean beef cuts will also do the trick. Eye of round, flank steak, and top sirloin can be extra lean having less than four grams of saturated fat in one serving. Three or a four-ounce portion is usually enough.


24. Fish

Fish is usually counted among the best protein sources. Most fish have a low-fat content, with the exceptions almost always having healthy fats in the form of omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids, which are abundant in herring, salmon and many other types of fatty fish, can help you prevent the development of heart disease and other chronic illnesses.


25. Beans

Beans are a high-protein vegetable that also has a high amount of protein. They will satiate you with minimum calories. Buy a can of garbanzo beans and add them to a salad or a soup, or you can mash them and use them as a dip. One cup has 12 grams of fiber, four grams of fat and fourteen grams of protein.


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