7 Foods That Will Increase Testosterone Production

Testosterone, or also known as the “male” hormone is an androgenic and anabolic hormone produced in the testes in men and in very small amounts in ovaries in women. Men produce about 50 to 60 percent more testosterone than women. So what is the testosterone’s role in our bodies?

As an androgen hormone, the testosterone is responsible for secondary male characteristics such as body hair,deep voice thicker skin etc.

As an anabolic hormone, testosterone is one of the main muscle building hormones in the body, responsible for muscle growth, low body fat levels, libido, well being, more strength and energy.

If you have lower than normal levels of testosterone, eating the right foods can help increase your testosterone levels and rebuild your sex drive. Testosterone production is dependent on zinc and vitamin B, both of these are abundant in many of the foods we eat regularly. So adding a few of the foods listed below can boost your testosterone especially when combined with regular weight training.

1.Red Meat

– Red meat has high levels of zinc so it is very good part of a testosterone diet.Red meat sources include steaks,pork chops,ribs etc…

2. Nuts and Seeds

Nuts in general are great source of essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids provide raw material for healthy production of hormones in both men and women.

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