Do Onions Actually Increase Testosterone Levels?

Improved male hormone levels

In one study, male Wister rats were given onion juice over a 20-day period. It was found that their testosterone levels increased by a whooping 200%. And that’s not all. 4 grams per kg of bodyweight of onion juice also increase luteinizing hormone levels, which is the hormone responsible for triggering testosterone production in the testes. These improvements also helped to increase sperm mobility as well as concentration.

Larger testes

Even though an old study, a research paper released in a 1967 version of Plant Foods for Human Nutrition found that when rats were given onion juice, their testes’ size increased by 20%. Their semen quantity increased as well, in both the young and old rats.

Combining onion and zinc

A study similar to the one above also administered onion extract on male rates. This time scientists wanted to examine how it compared to the well-known testosterone-boosting compound zinc. The team of scientists gave the 160 rats zinc and onion in three variations: some rats were given only onion, some were given only zinc and other were given a combination of both onion and zinc. What was the result? Testosterone levels increased in the groups that ate only onion and zinc (the zinc group experienced greater increase), but even more significantly in the group that ate both zinc and onion.

Could onion juice become the main testosterone booster in the future?

It could be if we used an extract, but let’s be frank here. Although it’s cheap and easily accessible, it would take a pretty determined person to drink a glass of onion juice every day in the quest for increased testosterone levels. And let’s not forget that the research was done on rats, not men, so one should be cautious when trying to elicit the same results on oneself. It absolutely won’t hurt if you consume onions in your salad, but drinking about 200ml of onion juice seems too much.

Will eating onions give you better results?

It might, especially when you combine it with a well-researched and proven supplement, like zinc. It should be noted that studies have repeatedly shown that it is a great testosterone booster on its own, let alone when mixed with onion juice. And to make sure that you don’t miss out on the increased luteinizing hormone levels, D-Aspartic acid (DAA) will increase your LH levels, in the same fashion, onion juice does.

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