Extreme Diet To Lose Over 20 Pounds In Just 10 Days

No diet is universal. While some diets work miracles for some people, they can prove as utterly ineffective in others.Ā  Finding the diet that suits your needs and physique can be a painstaking process. And even when you do find it, you may not recognize it at once, since all diets need time to deliver any visible results. The effects of a diet can be usually seen after a week or two. However, most people lack the patience to wait for so long.

That’s why we’ve decided to present you our extreme diet, which takes you weight away instantly. The results should be visible after the first day, where you can lose up to 2 pounds.

Extreme Diet

Our extreme dieting will take you through 10 days of hell. However, unlike the other diets that require additional exercising, in this case all you need is one hour of fast walking every day. The extreme diet based on the following ingredients: canned fish, chicken meat (use the whole chicken, liver included), beef, ham, skimmed milk, Greek yogurt, sugar-free yogurt, pickles, and boiled eggs. If you use seasoning, stick to onions, mustard and pepper. Avoid salt at any costs, and drink plenty of water.


  • 1 fruit yogurt each day


  • chicken breasts (days 1, 4, 7 and 10)
  • chicken thighs or chicken liver (days 2, 5 and 8)
  • beef (days 3, 6 and 9)

Always cook your lunch in the oven using some seasoning or pickles.


  • 150-200g canned fish (days 1, 4, 7 and 10)
  • boiled egg with some ham (days 2, 5 and 8)
  • chicken breasts (days 3, 6 and 9)

Snacks: Drink milk, yogurt or fruit yogurt no more than twice a day.

Drinks: For best results stick to water. We recommend at least 2 litres a day. If you find yourself craving for sugars, you can have a can of diet coke.

Supplement this diet with an hour of speed walking. Don’t overstrain yourself, as you are putting your body through extreme food depravation process.

Continue with this exercise even after finishing the 10 days of dieting, in order to avoid gaining weight back.

Whatever you do, avoid the following:

  • Never cook the food using any type of oil. The food should be prepared in the oven.
  • Avoid any types of fruit and veggies.
  • Bread, pasta and other cereal based foods should be avoided completely.
  • Never consume more than 5 eggs during the course of one week.
  • The pickles are not to be consumed as snack, go easy on them.

One of the greatest advantages of our extreme diet is that it starts showing results very quickly. After a day or two you can drop as much as 2 to 3 pounds. Although this is a good start, you should have in mind that it is not recommendable to continue this weight loss program for more than 10 days, as it is very demanding for your body.

At the end, let us give you an advice or two about dieting.

First of all, try involving your friends in your diet. They can be a great help when you are dieting, as they can be an encouragement and support in your days of doubt.

For our second tip: never skip breakfast. People who start dieting are often tempted to miss a meal, thinking that this will speed up their weight losing program. However, beginning your day without breakfast is worse than waking up on the wrong foot. Your metabolism is a fine tuned machine, and if you don’t begin the day correctly, it can turn into a nasty out-of-control rollercoaster. To avoid this, always take your breakfast within one hour of getting up.

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