Foods that don’t live up to their reputation: what to avoid and what to keep


Foods that undeservedly gained a bad reputation

The same way there are sugar-filled foods marketed as “healthy”, there are also foods that have been gotten a bad reputation and have been neglected by the general population. But when you start researching a bit more, you’ll find out that they’re really not that bad. As with all other things, moderation is the key, and it might be the time for you to reconsider including these foods back into your diet plan.

  • Bread consumption suffered greatly from the Atkins diet, and this is still the case, partly because soft white bread you can buy at your store has little nutritional value. So, if you’re a sandwich or a toast lover, buy sprouted bread. This type of bread has fewer carbs and a lower glycemic index, which means you won’t experience blood sugar spikes. Additionally, when the grains are sprouted before being milled, you consume an additional 4 grams of protein over 12-grain bread, less gluten, and extra fiber.
  • Egg yolks were also hit badly when the medical industry started producing research about cholesterol and its link to heart disease development. The egg yolk contains dietary cholesterol, which made a lot of people throw away the yolks and eat the egg whites only, or skip eggs altogether. Numerous studies have contradicted this claim many times, noting that having high cholesterol levels are influenced by saturated fat than dietary cholesterol. Even though the general recommendation is to eat no more than an egg per day, this amount may vary based on physical activity and overall fitness level.
  • Cacao is a delicious way to include some micro-nutrients in your diet. The unsweetened chocolate powder, which is not the same as cocoa, has anti-inflammatory substances and antioxidants in it, which help to reduce stress in the entire body and also reduce the risk of developing heart disease. It also improves your mood and the immune system, so the next time you’re in a bad mood or you’re craving for something sweet, go ahead and mix some cacao into your smoothie, or grab a piece of some dark chocolate.
  • The last entry on the list is reserved for an honorable mention which goes to spicy foods. For so long, it’s been generally assumed that eating spicy food can upset your stomach, cause heartburn and trigger other digestive problems. Extreme heat can really make you feel uncomfortable, but eating moderately hot spices can have a lot of health benefits. Eating hotter spices provides anti-inflammatory nutrients, fewer bacteria, an improved immune system, and added longevity. Additionally, the heat can really rev up the metabolic rate. If you monitor your calories closely during a cut, it might not help much, but it can certainly push you over the plateau. There’s no harm in trying, you just need to make sure that you keep the Scoville units to a tolerable level, and opt for turmeric, ginger and chili peppers in order to get the greatest benefits.

If you’re thinking what to eat for breakfast, why not try a couple of whole eggs or perhaps an avocado toast. Cacao powder can be mixed into a protein shake or smoothie for added richness without too many calories. Spicy foods may be the easiest of all to consume – buy some ground spices and sprinkle them on meat or salads. A little heat will really bring up the other flavors in a meal without adding unnecessary calories or putting rich sauces. You should make sure that you buy in bulk since it’s cheaper that way; buying them by the jar can be pretty expensive.


How to improving your meal plan

It may feel more tedious to include new foods into your diet when you’ve already got yourself a solid diet plan. That’s why, instead of trying to completely re-organize your current regimen, try looking for places where you can make some simple swaps and add some new foods here and there.

Basically, you should know that most naturally occurring foods certainly won’t harm you, you should just consume them in moderation. Bread is most definitely processed, however opting for a sprouted grain will grant you greater benefits than avoiding it completely.

Enjoy whatever foods you like, just monitor your macros closely and pay attention what your body best reacts to and perform; most bodies like varied food intake. Make a toast with some sprouted bread to sop up the egg yolk, or find some dark chocolate as a dessert. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

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