how to get ripped

The Quick Guide on How To Get Ripped

A sample nutrition plan


50g of oats + 5g of cinnamon or Cocoa
Ham or Meat (150g) , or low fat cheese (250gr) or protein powder (40g)
1 Orange
Fish oil : 10ml (if omega 3 capsules)

Morning snack

Nuts or seeds (almonds,walnuts…): 15-20g
Protein powder: 30g


A plate of veggies +  teaspoon of olive oil
30g of Quinoa
Meat or fish: 150g
1 apple


Half cup of oatmeal or an apple.
Protein Powder: 30g

Post Workout

BCAA + 30g of high glycemic carbs (honey)
30g of whey protein

1 hour after the shake
Brown Rice: 40g
200g of tuna/salmon
Vegetables: a small plate


Cottage cheese – 150g or protein shake – 30g


Get Ripped Workout

Weight Training

Contrary to the belief that high reps and low weights will tone the body, high weights will actually help you burn fat. Heavy lifting burns more calories and triggers muscle growth. More lean muscle means that you’ll have a faster metabolism and burn fat at a higher rate, even while you are resting. One trick you can try here is to reduce the rest periods between sets while still trying to lift relatively heavy weights.


Not the most important factor since diet can do most of the heavy lifting, however cardio can cut the time needed to lose fat. Many people overlook cardio when trying to get ripped. Besides burning additional calories, cardio is important for your health as well. It keeps your cardiovascular system active and healthy, it improves blood circulation and nutrient transportation to your muscles. Unless you are overdoing it, cardio can be a great tool on your road to get ripped.

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