How the Modern Diet is Slowly Destroying Your Health and How You Can Protect Yourself

Inflammation is the body’s way of dealing with offenders as part of its healing process. But what happens if we create chronic inflammation ? We have created the right environment for many diseases.

Excessive consumption of simple sugars may lead to dysbiosis and increased production of inflammatory cytokines; artificial sweeteners are a potential factor of inflammation in the intestines; refined salt can aggravate autoimmune diseases.

Dysbiosis ( disbakteriozata ) is a condition during which the number of pathogenic organisms in the body is increased and the number of beneficial microorganisms is reduced. Symptoms can be different – fatigue, disability, anxiety, changes in the quantity and quality of intestinal enzymes, etc.

Processed foods harm our health

They can lead to:

– Addiction and overeating. A complete diet (rich in macro and micronutrients ) provides the body with nutrients. Processed food is devoid of them – it provides a sense of pleasure, but it doesn’t provide anything useful for the body;
– obesity;
– Imbalance of our internal environment, resulting in : wild bouts of hunger, digestive problems, dysbiosis… ;
– Depression and mood swings resulting from hormone imbalance.

This is how you can protect your immune system

– If you want to stay healthy, do not overeat on processed foods. In fact keep the processed food to a minimum. There is nothing wrong with consuming processed foods occasionally, but don’t let it become a routine. Your diet should consist of non processed foods.

– Reduce the consumption of sugar and refined salt (replace it with Himalayan or sea salt).
– Consume foods rich in probiotics and prebiotics.
– Avoid shopping at large grocery stores when you are hungry and / or when you have small children. Have you noticed that the most harmful foods are arranged around the cashier’s desk and are at the same height as the children’s eyes? There is nothing accidental. In many food chains, you can find vegetables, fruits, nuts, fresh meats and fish on the periphery and in the center of the store you can find the crisps, waffles, cakes, soft drinks etc.

Watch what you eat. Yes, you only live once, but that doesn’t mean that you should have a low quality life

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