Why Eggs Are a Killer Fat Loss Food

Although for long they have been branded as a no-no food for all people who want to lose weight, eggs might be just the opposite. Not only are eggs helpful in shedding your fat layers, but they are quite possibly among the healthiest foods out there. Packed with high-quality protein and numerous crucial vitamins and minerals, eggs also provide your body with sturdy quantities of healthy fats, which according to numerous studies are beneficial for fat loss. Yet, their fat loss properties do not stop at this. In fact, this superfood offers many great benefits in terms of losing fat. In the following article we are going to try to cover some of them as well as we can.



We all know that one of the most effective ways for losing weight is reducing the amount of calories you consume on daily bases, by preserving the correct balance of nutrients in your diet. Eggs come in helpful in this respect. Counting just 78 calories per egg, they are at the same time packed with all sorts of nutrients. Most of these nutrients are found in the yolk, so always consume whole eggs.

Considering that an average egg meal consist of about three large eggs, that would mean that you’ve consumed less than 230 calories. If you complement this meal with vegetables instead of bread and bacon, than you can contain the caloric value of your meal to roughly 300 calories, but still get the right amount of proteins and other nutrients.

The only pitfall in using eggs in your diet is how you cook them. While boiled and poached eggs do not make a great difference in your caloric intake, frying them on butter will increase this value by twice. Just one teaspoon of butter contains 50 calories.


Eggs are low calorie food with 78 calories per one large egg.  One average egg meal will add just 300 calories to your daily diet.


What Happens When You Eat 3 Whole Eggs Every Day?


With their high fat and protein content eggs can satisfy your hunger much more efficiently than most foods. Numerous studies have brought forth the effect of high-protein food in keeping the appetite at bay by increasing the feeling of satiety.

They point out that eggs have a high satiety index, meaning that an egg meal can considerably reduce the caloric intake during the day.

Additional studies have confirmed high-protein diets have fantastic properties for curbing your cravings. According to the scientific data, eating eggs greatly reduces your desire for late night snacks.


Ranking high on the satiety index, eggs increase the feeling of fullness, resulting in less consumed food. With their high protein contents, eggs are efficient in fighting off munches.


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