The Anatomy of Pull Ups and Chin Ups (Complete Guide)


Pull up and chin up Variations

Try these pull up and chin up variations to add some spice to your workouts!


Towel grip pull ups

Loop two hand towels over your pull up bar and grab the ends tightly. Perform your pull ups as normal. This variation is an awesome gripping exercise and ideal for climbers and grapplers.


Climber pull ups

Position your hands as for regular pull ups put instead of pulling your chin up to the centre of the bar, pull yourself up and over so your chin touches your left hand. Return to the start position and then pull up to the right. For a harder version, pull up to the left and then keep your chin above the bar and traverse across to your right hand before lowering. Reverse your direction of travel for the next rep.


Mixed grip pull ups

Using a shoulder-width grip, place one hand in a pronated position and the other in a supinated position. Make sure you swap hands set by set.


Sternum pull ups

Using a V grip bar or single towel, hang beneath the bar so your body is turned through 90 degrees. Pull up and simultaneously lean back so your sternum touches the bar and not your chin. This places a large emphasis on your middle trapezius and rhomboid muscles in the center of your back. Be aware that the excessive spinal extension can place a lot of stress on your back so use this variation with caution.

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