5 Mistakes Skinny Guys Make When They Try to Build Muscle

3. Not eating enough

This is one of the main reasons why hardgainers struggle so hard with making progress. You want to gain weight? Eat more. And more. And more. If you’re still not getting bigger, eat even more.

You’re probably wondering what’s the best diet to put some real meat on your bones? Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to bodybuilding nutrition. You’ll have to take your time to find out what works best for you. But, there are the general rules:

– Don’t use shock tactics in terms of huge calorie increases. Instead, increase the intake of calories in a slower, controlled manner.
– Your diet should consist of 50% protein, 35-40% carbs and 10-15% fat.
– Get the most of your calories from real, wholesome high-quality food and use supplements only when necessary.
– Make an eating schedule and stick to it to make sure you don’t miss a meal.

4. Going too slow or going too fast

Your body adapts to the work you’re loading it with, so you need to constantly challenge it to work harder and rebuild stronger by introducing more repetitions or increasing the weight. Your training isn’t supposed to become comfortable. Instead, it should be increasingly more difficult to stimulate muscle growth. Keep pushing yourself to your limits, but do it in a safe way. Overzealousness can destroy you – if you try to do too much in hope for a faster progress, you’ll increase your risk of injury and this will cost you a lot. Taking a month off the gym to recover from acute injury can bring you back where you’ve started, so learn to be patient and make your progress sustainable by slowly increasing the challenge and pushing yourself just a little bit more every time you pick up the bar.

5. Not allowing your body to recover

If you don’t allow your body enough time to rest and recover, it can not regenerate and rebuild. It is during sleep that the growth hormone levels reach their peak, and the broken down muscles are able to heal and recover. This makes resting a crucial component of getting bigger, so don’t underestimate it.

Without proper recovery, you’re also more likely to reach a performance plateau and increase your risk of injury and overtraining. The point is: you will never achieve real growth without getting enough sleep – and we’re talking about eight hours of it every single night.

Remember: getting huge requires discipline and hard work. The five mistakes mentioned above have compromised the efforts of many guys before you, so make sure to take them into account. Eat big, lift heavy, get enough sleep and don’t deviate from your plan until you’ve reached your goal.

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