The Ultimate List of Fat-Burning Tips – 60 Tips to Help You Lose Body-Fat Fast

36. Increase your fiber intake. Include lentils, greens, pears and other fiber rich foods in your diet. Fiber increases your satiety level and helps your digestive system.

37. Consume dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Dark chocolate provides you with energy without consuming sugar.

38. Don’t gorge yourself after training. This will undo all the hard work. Eat a sensible meal containing moderate amount of carbs and high amount of protein.

39. Include burpees in your workout. This compound exercise is a fantastic aerobic workout that offers total body activation.

40. Climb the steps and avoid the elevator. Ten minutes of climbing will burn 100 calories. That’s 100 more than when you go by an elevator.

41. Start your day by doing push-ups. It will quicken your metabolism and include upper body training.

42. Take it easy with the salad dressing. Use balsamic vinegar and olive oil instead of ranch dressing. It will spare you of 300 calories.

43. If you have to eat a burger, cut out the cheese and fries. It will spare you another 300 calories.

44. Keep a track of what you eat. Number the calories. Knowing how much you consume is very important for your fat burning process. Cut down 250 each day, and you’ll lose two pounds in just one month.

45. Skip breakfast. Yes that’s right. Many “experts” will argue that breakfast is the most important meal, but studies (1, 2, 3  4 ) have shown that intermittent fasting helps in fat loss. Or if you insist on eating one, eat a protein only breakfast to boost your metabolism.

46. Avoid eating at restaurants too often. Treat yourself with a lunch out no more than twice a month.

47. Prepare your own food. This will help you keep track on what you’re eating.

48. To keep you body healthy you need do at least 10,000 steps each day. Keep a track on how much steps you take by buying pedometer.

49. Your body needs at least seven hours of rest. When you deprive your body of sleep, you destroy your metabolism.

50. Include pull-ups in your routine. They have much better effect than pull-downs.

51. Find a way to reduce your stress. It triggers the production of the cortisol, which increases your appetite.

52. Include hot peppers in your food. They speed up your metabolism.

53. Eliminate processed foods from your diet. Consume only healthy fats.

54. Take your time when chewing your food. According to the studies, this will help you reduce the amount of food you eat.

55. Run more. Try increasing the distance your cover every time you go out to run. In few weeks time you’ll be surprised at how much more you run.

56. Sounds silly, but household chores burn significant amount of calories. You’ll be surprised to hear that raking your leaves burns 230 calories, while washing your car will trim down 270 calories.

57. If you’re looking for lean protein, go for ostrich. In this respect it’s even better than beef.

58. Reduce the resting periods between sets. By making your muscles work harder and your heart pump faster, you increase the number of calories you burn.

59. Don’t be misguided with zero-calorie foods. The law allows products that contain less than five calories per serving to be labelled as zero-calorie foods.

60. Try avoiding alcohol. It kills your ability to workout and increases the amount of fat you store. When you want to drink, stay away of cocktails. Drink instead a glass of wine or something with low amount of calories.

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