8 Mistakes that Prevent you From Losing Fat

Mistake #3 You drink alcoholic or sugary beverages

Water is the only liquid that is ever really needed by your body. Although coffee, milk and tea have become an ordinary thing in our modern lifestyles, they contain a lot of sugar which can seriously undermine your fat-loss efforts. Your latte that you order in the cafeteria every morning can have up to 300 calories per drink. Those are additional 300 calories per day that you wouldn’t want to be consuming unless you are serious about your fat-loss goals. Fat-loss is an arduous process, don’t make it any harder than it has to be.

It goes without saying that alcohol is very detrimental to your fat-loss pursuit. The occasional beer will not make a huge difference, of course, but drinking massive amounts during the weekends will definitely put the fat-loss process to a grind. Alcoholic drinks are full of empty calories that the body usually stores as fat, but they are also detrimental when it comes to the food choices you make when you are under the influence. A big plate of nachos or pizza will always seem like the best choice when you are intoxicated instead of some healthy option.

Mistake #4 You think that healthy foods are low on calories

No matter how “clean” or healthy you think a certain food is, if you eat it in large amounts, you will almost certainly consume more calories than you should, which will make your fat loss a lot harder. Choosing whole foods that are nutritious and healthy is certainly the right way to go, but overeating this kind of food still counts as overeating.

The two biggest healthy food examples that have huge amounts of calories are seeds and nuts. They are filled with Omega-3 fats, phytogens and all sorts of micronutrients which have been proven to be excellent for your health, but as any other food, if you eat too much you run the risk of ingesting too many calories. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should avoid them altogether, it simply means that you should exercise moderation when it comes to their consumption.

It’s difficult to measure an ounce, so you should limit the amount to 10 almonds. Even though almonds are rich in quality fats, a better option would be to fill yourself up with foods that are rich in micronutrients, like green veggies, that don’t have that many calories.

Mistake #5 You don’t train with enough intensity

When beginners are introduced to resistance training they begin with lighter weights and progress in a slow and safe manner. As time goes by and they get more experienced and accustomed to the exercises, weights and the gym atmosphere, they need to push harder in order to keep progressing. This applies to everyone. You cannot allow to get comfortable or you will reach a plateau.

Too many times in the gym women especially, are exercising with weights that are too light or just go through the motions without so much as breaking a sweat. When asked why they didn’t use heavier weights, the answer you would most probably hear is that they wouldn’t want to get too muscular and bulky. But regardless of gender, there’s no escaping that you should be lifting hard and heavy.

If you want to lose fat, you need to create an extra demand of energy to your body so that it can adapt and change. If you keep lifting the same light weights you won’t stimulate your body to do anything and will keep you stagnant.


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