8 Rules of Bodybuilding You can’t Afford to Neglect

#6: Bulking up doesn’t require overdosing on food

In the bulking phase, most bodybuilders add far more body fat than muscle, resulting in a lot of trouble in the following period of cutting. There is a fine line between a surplus of calories that allows significant muscle growth and a surplus of calories that creates a significant amount of stored body fat, and recognizing it is of vital importance to your progress.

Bulking up doesn’t mean that you have a free pass to stuff yourself with junk food and be lazy in the gym. If you overdo it, you risk putting on too much body fat that will take a long time to trim down. Besides, your workouts have to be really efficient so that you can use all that excessive nutrition to actually build mass. So make sure you consume an significant quality calorie surplus without exceeding the limit and pair it with grueling workouts and plenty of rest.

#7: Dietary fat is not your enemy

Healthy fats should make up to 30% of your total caloric intake if you want to see your muscles grow. Carbs are important, but you can’t rely on carbs only to keep your organism running smoothly under a rigorous training regime. A low-fat diet can be detrimental to muscle growth in a similar way to the low-carb option, and it’s definitely bad for your overall health.

Of course, trans fat and hydrogenated fats are to be avoided. A serious bodybuilder should have a balanced diet that provides all essential nutrients the body needs to stay healthy and promote muscle growth by consuming high quality food and reducing the frequency of cheat meals to the absolute minimum.

#8. There is no such thing as safe-to-use supplements that are just as effective as s******s

It’s true, that kind of supplements don’t exist, no matter what kind of wild claims you can hear from certain supplement manufacturers. Simply put, there are no food supplements that can give you the effect of s******s minus the side effects. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make good use of some high quality supplements – they are legal, safe and somewhat able to support your gym efforts, but they won’t do any magic tricks to your body and most certainly can’t help you build muscle as fast as the use of s******s would.


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