Improve Your Physique and Athletic Performance by Letting Go of These 8 Terrible Training Myths

5. Sweating like a horse equals a great workout

Sometimes true, sometimes not. The basic reason why you sweat is because the internal temperature of your body increases, so it naturally responds with sweat production as a way of cooling down. Logically, when you exercise, your muscles create heat and your internal temperature increases, but that’s not the only thing that affects the amount of sweat you excrete during a given gym session. Air conditioning, air humidity, external temperature and the type of clothes you’re wearing also have an influence. Besides, some people have a genetic disposition to sweat more than others. So don’t worry if you’re sweating enough and instead focus more on your performance.

6. A cardio routine under 20 minutes is a waste of time

Hell no! In fact, by utilizing high-intensity interval training, you will never need lengthy cardio sessions again. HIIT challenges the respiratory system to work at its max in order to deliver oxygen to the working muscles. So by shortening the duration of the exercise but increasing its intensity, you can both increase its effectiveness and save time. Additionally, HIIT enables you to continue burning calories long after you’ve finished your workout. So ditch the treadmill and try a routine like the Tabata Protocol for superior results.

7. Stretches are a must before a workout

There’s a big difference between static and dynamic stretches. Many studies have shown that performing static stretches before a workout can have a negative effect on the muscles and actually increase the risk of injury during exercise. At the very least, static stretching may inhibit the muscle’s ability to fire, so it’s much better to perform it after the workout. On the other hand, a dynamic warm-up that keeps your body moving will increase your range of motion and muscle elasticity, increase blood flow and efficiently prepare your joints for movement and muscles for optimal activation, ultimately improving your athletic performance.

8. Crunches are the best exercise for your abs

Well, they certainly won’t hurt your abs, but they’re not exactly the best exercise there is. And let’s admit it, they’re pretty boring and ineffective and there are a ton of better ways to strengthen your core, including the midsection. No matter how hard and dedicated you work, if the movement is wrong, you won’t get optimal results. So if you really want a sculpted stomach, forget the crunches and try the ab wheel rollout. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any exercises that can match it in terms of core development.

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