Your Body Type – Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph?


The mesomorph finds itself somewhere in between these two body types. Although their bodies are generally not inclined to storing fat and have tendency for greater muscle mass, they still need to sort out their training and dieting. Most of the successful bodybuilders belong to this category.

People with mesomorphic body type can do more frequent and intensive weight lifting sessions than those with ectomorphic body type, yet they should avoid overdoing. The mesomorph has the commodity to choose the training and dieting approach depending on their goals. If they want to bulk up, they could use the training method suggested for ectomorphs. On the other hand, if they tend toward leaner physique, they can incorporate more cardio and aerobic exercises backed up with low calorie diet.


Many of the people that belong to this type choose to alternate between the two methods.  Namely, they bulk up during the fall and winter, and lose body fat during the spring and summer period in order to attain leaner and more shredded physique.

With time and proper training and dieting regime, people belonging to ectomorph and endomorph body type can take on some mesomorphic characteristics. However, this will not eliminate the need for paying greater attention to either gaining size or losing body fat.

With the mesomorphs this problem is mainly eliminated. When they achieve the desired muscle size and leanness, all they need is balanced diet and some cardiovascular exercise few times a week in order to maintain their line.


Knowing your body type is absolutely crucial if you want to set the stage for better and faster progress with your workout. It will direct you which exercise to take and which to avoid, and will help you in designing the most efficient diet plan.

Although not all people are lucky enough to be born with mesomorph body type, this doesn’t mean that this goal is not attainable. All you need is good training and dieting plan. And although it’s true that some of us have to put in more effort in order to achieve our dream physique, that doesn’t mean that our genetics is insurmountable obstacle. Even more, very often we see people with greater determination and discipline achieving better results than those blessed with better genes.

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