How to Get a Big Muscle Pump in The Gym?

How Much Is Enough?

Did you know you could actually die from drinking too much water?

True, that happens very rarely, but you should have in mind that drinking too much water will cause you to lose vital nutrients from your body (think potassium), even reducing the concentration of minerals in your blood so much that your heart can experience difficulties contracting.

Not to mention the constant need to use the bathroom. In normal weather conditions, it’s ideal to drink about 85 ounces of plain water daily (you shouldn’t use other kinds of drinks as substitutes, especially if they’re full of sugar and artificial additives), spread out as even as possible throughout the whole day. Still, if you need to have variety, you can consume some carbonated spring water and unsweetened tea in addition to regular water – or try naturally flavoring it by adding pieces of lime, lemon or cucumber to it.

So, to get optimal results, make sure that you don’t take it too far with hydration and aim to spread your consumption evenly over the course of the day. Even better, you can trick your appetite and eat less if you drink a tall glass of water before your meal.

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Water can help you burn more calories

As mentioned above, the water influences the viscosity of the blood and the process of burning fat, meaning that dehydration will affect the quality of your workout by decreasing your energy levels and slowing down your efforts to lose body fat. If you want to achieve that muscular, lean physique, keeping your blood flow smooth and happy is really important. But water has another great attribute.

By regularly drinking water (which contains no calories!), you actually burn around 30 calories per 16 ounces. This may seem like an unimportant amount, but that it certainly has its place in the big picture of your calorie count. And how does this burning of calories happen? The biggest reason is that the body uses a lot of energy for heating of the consumed water. Another factor is the handling of the water molecules on their long travel through your body, from the intestines to the urine. Therefore, you could easily and almost effortlessly increase your daily energy expenditure by simply drinking more water!

If you want to build more muscle mass, lose fat and have enough strength and endurance for a heavy workout, remember to stay well hydrated throughout the day and enjoy the countless benefits of this precious yet underappreciated liquid.

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