5 Rules Every Natural Bodybuilder Should Follow


Yes, to achieve better growth you need a lot of rest. This should not come as a surprise. After all, when you go to gym 3 to 5 times a week lifting heavy weights and eating lots of calories, you put your body into an overload.

That is why you need at least 8 hours of good night sleep, or you won’t grow. Night is the time when our bodies release the muscle tissue repairing hormones. So, when you have just four or six hours of sleep, you are not providing your body with sufficient time to repair, and you’re not replenishing the energy for the next workout.


One of the best supplements for building up natural muscles is creatine. It is considered as much safer alternative than the s******s, and the research shows that it is safe to consume.
This supplement will provide you with the energy needed for handling all the hard work out you’re doing.


The simple truth is that most of the fitness models you see on the covers of bodybuilding magazines do take s******s, even though many claim that their muscles are natural. S******s are a household name among the bodybuilders. They take them so they can increase the testosterone levels and speed up the muscle gaining process without piling up fat.

However, recently we see an increased rise of awareness about the horrible side-effects (like man b***s, baldness and even infertility) that s*****d can have on your body. At the same time, you end up with muscles that can deteriorate very quickly, i.e. as soon as you stop taking them.

In addition, the growing industry of supplements has already come up with many natural ingredients that can stimulate the body to produce testosterone on its own. On the bonus side, they will help you create stabile muscles that won’t deflate as a balloon the moment you stopped taking hormones, because you’ve earned them the hard way.

Therefore, if you are not satisfied with your progress and you’re convinced that you need to up your testosterone levels, try some of the natural testosterone stimulants. You can achieve the same results, though with somewhat slower pace, as with s******s, but without all the side-effects. Of course, before engage in taking them do your research and try to consume only the quality stuff. There are some companies out there that exploit this market using ineffective fillers in their supplements.

So, that should be it. If you really want to have a success as a natural bodybuilder, just try following these five pieces of advice and be patient. With hard work and discipline the results are bound to happen.

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